The Undying Challenge Viewers Guide

I hope esports die out


They don’t care, they seem to think the players still love it.

We’re just dollar signs now tbh. $$$

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They make more money off the esports than from our subs so we can’t even win here sadly

I’m the same way. Plus not everyone has talents and abilities that are measurable and fun to watch.

:dragon: :ocean::dragon: :ocean:

I came here to be snarky.

Booo esports

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I just cannot get excited over stuff like this. I really feel this is one of the reason WoW is gone down hill.

Esports in WoW was a mistake. And yes, I will keep posting this in every esport-related thread you create, Blizzard.





MMORPGS have to be the most boring thing to watch other people play. Like I know people have opinions when it comes to watching other, but MMOs are the worst in that regards.

We’re doing esports in classic WoW now? Give me a break

that’s not very classic-y

oh well.

yup…two professional raid teams doing ten man nax after farming gear? thanks but no thanks.

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Damn, dad gamers that clear naxx in 4-5 hours are so salty about this…

I’m not into e-sports but I do love speedrunning, it will be fun to watch, these dudes always bring new tactics to the table that are very useful.

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Speedrunning is what mythic+ is

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esports invading classic now huh?

only a matter of time :broken_heart:

It’s not just you.

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The one that mostly got my random pug groups on this was doing the safety dance. Always gotta have that one guy