The Trading Post Opens for Business Soon!

Looks like it has lots of potential. Wonder if Blizz will find a way to ruin it.

I wouldn’t care.

You might be surprised by how little headspace the brutosaur mount occupies when you actually have one.

why buy them when you can just go to Blades Edge mountain and make them yourself

I will not resub or play until you guys fix all the broken tank classes and MM hunter. You can keep your garbo flower boquet transmogs

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How is it “somehow being FOMO”? It literally is FOMO, you don’t login every month you lose rewards.

Rewards that will cycle through again at another time down the road? Those rewards?

Yeah that’s not fomo

you don’t know when they’ll return, and you’ll have to be subbed at that time to get them

same problem as “the brutosaur can no longer be purchased from the npc, but it’ll pop up every now and then on the bmah”

why? fomo

Which turned out to be a LIE!

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So I have a sub, but have not purchased DF. There is no vendor at the trading post (although I do have the ethereal at the back side of it with a few trial of style items for sale).

Is the vendor & rewards DF exclusive content?

The Trading Post is getting implemented next reset.

Can’t comment on whether you need to have DF to earn the currency or not.

Inb4 the game goes f2p and trading post currency is added to the shop.

Active subs gets a monthly allowance of currency and static xp buffs, bag space, profession bags.

F2p players can upgrade to these items through the shop.

Take this W, You’ve earned it.

Says this while being oblivious to the fact that developers design every game system with the hope that it retains players. Retention mechanics… As opposed to attrition mechanics? I reckon you’re hoping designers start making games they hope players won’t play…