The Store Mount is 100% speed even at 40

Me and my friends called off our TBC plans because of the store.

I just feel defeated at this point…


shame that cosmetic items ruin your experience but hey, enjoy whatever you decide to do with your time instead

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It’s a mount. Jeez.

God help you if it ever rains when you’re doing something outside…


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. If this is all it took to ruin classic for you, you were never gonna be here long.


Same here, not coming back to wow after my sub runs out the 2nd june (right when tbc releases on time too)


Yeah, enjoy funding Kotick’s 5th yacht this year.

You’re the reason he can salt his own fields and get away with it.

Also it’s not just a mount. Do some research.


Wdym cosmetic? Level boost is not cosmetics its P2W feature as the value this has is nothing even close to retail

Also the store mount is the ONLY dynamic mount in the game.

Dynamic mounts were first introduced at end of wrath.

Which litteraly makes the mount a unfair adventage to people who don’t spend $$$ on the mount. Hence the Phrase “PAY TO WIN”


og tbc had the tcg and a collectors edition I think a blizzcon pet too

it gives you a pittance of gold, a riding level that costs pocket change, only skips irrelevant content and doesn’t even get you to the current level cap. try again


oh nooooo people who buy the mount save a whole 100 gold on mount cost goodness me such an advantage what ever shall we dooooooo



Yup, thats it, all u can do is try to redicule and say nothing but insults because you know i am right and you can’t say anything to it.

Also the value you get with the boost lands on around 4000 gold. And if we want to take “classic gold boosting” into consideration you can add another 3000 gold on to this.

And yes, even if its 100 gold. it’s still a unfair adventage that can only be reached by paying real money, which is the definition of Pay to Win.

But i mean, i can’t expect much from someone who has litteraly bought gold in the game as it is today. Go champ, go fight for your pay to win features

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all the pirated servers had xp boosts even ones you paid for

og tbc had Recruit a friend

OK, I may not like the Level 58 Boost, for my own reasons, but the Level 58 Boost is hardly a “P2W” Feature. If anything, I think it does a DISSERVICE to those who use it. You don’t get the 100% Riding Speed, until you train for it. So, even having the Mount that scales won’t help you much, until you pay for the Training (which in BC, I think is more expensive than the Mounts, themselves, but I digress). And, you don’t even get Professions. My 60s surpass any Level 58 Boosted Character.

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No they did not, there was multiple ones that had nothing of the sort, nostalrius was one of them, we had plently of other pvp servers such as.

Also the xp bonus could only be bought after a month or 2, and the only reason they did introduce a personal leveling boost is because the RAF system werent viable

What do you win exactly?

There’s literally nothing you couldn’t do if you didn’t have a ground mount.

The XP boost wouldnt be “P2W” if they gave it to everyone for free.

Because its a adventage thats only gained through real life cash. Which is the definition of “P2W” as i stated

It’s still not “P2W” because (like I said) my 60s surpass any Level 58s that used the Boost.

It’s not, as I JUST explained. My 60s have WAY more advantages than any boosted character in BC can dream of.

It’s not “winning”, though. It’s BARELY surviving the Outland Game.

I mean, I did neither of those, but do go on

got a source on that one?

100 gold was pocket change in the original TBC, let alone what it’s going to be like with today’s Classic market. you might as well be calling someone who has 5 dollars more than you on the street a rich businessman that exploits his workers

I have never bought gold in any game, where did you get this information from?

Did you write that on an iPhone? Helped buy a few private planes there.

You logging to play WoW on a Windows or Mac rig? How many whales did you save when you put that thing together?