<The Starward Syndicate> is taking a break

Thanks to our team and guildies for getting as far as we did! Unfortunately life happens and we lose some members for a while, it just so happens that finding replacements to fit our schedule proved very difficult. Alas, we hope everybody had fun and might even see you again sometime in TWW. Deuces. o7

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I might be interested. Discord: Greatsten

Hey! As of right now, we have all the DPS and healer slots accounted for with the exception of one mage. It’s early days though and if that changes, I’ll update this thread accordingly.

You are very much more than welcome to join the guild, just be aware that spots have filled up/may open up again in the coming weeks. If you’d like to join for now I’d be happy to toss you an invite, though.

Did you say mage? :woman_mage:

Also, what are your plans for the schedule, etc.?

Hi there! I’ll have to get back to you on the specifics of the scheduling as I should know this but right this moment, that information eludes me.

However, I can tell you that due to some members’ work schedules it will be an earlier start. If I recall correctly, and I’m fairly certain I am on this specific point, we’re looking to be pulling by 7:30. We’ll probably go until around 9:30!

On behalf of The Starward Syndicate, we’d like to wish a heartfelt Merry Christmas to our fellow servermates and hope this holiday season finds you and your loved ones in good health and even better spirits. Stay safe, stay festive, y’all! <3

~The Starward Syndicate

Prot pally LF a new home bnet Cappin#1672

Bumpadoodle hey, smoke weed erryday

F you nerd

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For all you looking for a place to land: