The Shadowlands Pre-Expansion Patch is Now Live

I mean … good luck without corruption.

Also scaling traditionally has not been implemented particularly well when it comes to raids. Sometimes taking months to fix.

So unless something is broken, a bunch of 60s clearing Mythic Ny’alotha seems unlikely.

We will see though. Not sure if anyone has bothered trying this on PTR just to check in on it.


In some fantasy games/worlds orcs are just another flavour of elf!

But lol on the chat box

That’s wrong, it’s listed as not being removed with prepatch.

This is the worst hot take about this expansion I’ve heard so far, can you refund me the braincells you cost me for having to read it?


Give me back the gold I wasted then.

I really wish they did a pre-ending patch like this tbh, its a shame that corruptions are actually cool but far too restrictive to be anything but an annoyance :c

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The current build on the beta is very unlikely to be anything even more than just merely a resemblance of the final build. Not one single person in this forum has any clue what the current final build looks like.

They dont hear about some little glitch of a quest or something and rush out and fix it immediately on the live beta servers. They take note of it and rewrite the code in either very large swoops, or in the final build

But not the scourge event :frowning:

7, and 4 more that have r15 cloak but are slightly under or don’t have 470 equipped

@blizzard cs this looks nice and all but you guys are really pushing me back to classic wow cause lvl 60 really to do stuff i all ready did in 2004-present a mmo just like your’s did the same thing cough cough everquest nevermind ill just delete all toons and close all my guilds and return too classic wow

I’m looking forward to levelling some alts through Chromie time!

Happy soon to be birthday. Hope it’s a good one for you

I JuSt WaNt To HaVe FuN… GiVe FrEe StUfF

I likely farmed many more echoes and sockets than you have so what is your point?

And you’ll come right back with Shadowlands… Idk why you’re expecting new content in PRE-PATCH. The point is for class changes and the new leveling, not actual Shadowlands content.

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You sure cry a lot…

Well I guess you must enjoy eating what they shovel.

If you want to delay it, take a break for a month or two and then you won’t have to experience the pre-patch on October 13th.

Solutions delivered to you on a silver platter. No need to thank me all at once.


Thanks, I don’t know how I misread that so hard. Fixed.

Kidding right? Refunds? Meanwhile they are still trying to sell the BFA standard edition on the store for $50 :rofl: