The Rules of Engagement

Anyone else stick to a particular code or set of rules when dealing with the opposite faction? Feel free to share your own! Here are mine:

  1. No ganking anyone whose level is gray to you. Lowbies are poor sport unless they’re asking for it.

  2. Avoid piling onto already clearly-outnumbered enemies. As a Horde player, this is especially important since we tend to have the numerical advantage.

  3. Do not attack someone who has run back from the graveyard without giving them a chance to recuperate (health, mana, buffs, pets, etc).

  4. Do not repeatedly gank the same person over and over. If you must keep fighting, fight on even terms.

  5. Salute worthy opponents after killing or being killed by them.

  6. Grant reprieve to any opponent indicating submission (e.g. by kneeling) unless you are competing for resources such as mobs or nodes. In such a case, they get one hour of mercy.


Holy cow (no pun intended) an honorable PvPer?

Wish there were a lot more like you around. Might actually make PvP enjoyable.


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Are you sure you picked the right faction? I mean, I’m new to all this but the only times I’ve seen the Horde be honorable it just happened to, conveniently, coincide with their own self-preservation. :slight_smile:

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How are things on the Alliance side atm? I’ve considered switching sides, you lot seem like you could use a vicious but honorable sort like me.

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So, I’m terrible at PvP and generally try to work around it. Which means I’m hardly the best judge… But I’ve never seen my allies spit on, well, anyone… Let alone Horde players who respectfully saluted them.

Horde code:

  1. Don’t PvP unless you outnumber the Alliance by 4 to 1 or:

  2. Have at least one player who is 20 levels higher than the Alliance

  3. If you get ganked call in all your cousins and ensure one is infinitely higher than the player who ganked you


Hitting an awful level at the moment (just broke 30, now 32).
Struggling to find a zone that I can level efficiently on the alliance side.
Hillsbrad Foothills - I haven’t been able to step foot in the Yeti Cave for 4 days now when I log on and try to get the skins.
Stv - Chaos with big bands of horde roaming the lands hell bent on wasting their own time and ours. /spits, /rude gestures to add to the corpse camping.
Arathi Basin - I think alliance have basically conceded all aspects of this zone?

At the moment there’s no benefit to PVP so I typically don’t get involved other than defending myself, or if another alli is being attacked unfairly (an outnumber or outlevel). I must admit though I’m becomming more and more bitter that I might just become the thing I hate (and start killing any horde I come across just to put them out).

I did have one nice moment in Stv last night though when a 34 tauren war was killing raptors alongside. He had a chance to gank me a long way from my graveyard but didn’t.
He then got outnumbered by raptors 3 to 1.
I killed off his ads assist.

We shared a salute and went upon our merry way only for a hordie to gank me not far away. I think the Tauren had words with him though as the ganker stopped part way through when I was all but dead and buried?

Perhaps there is a chance for peace yet.

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Rogue here, im trash so i poke you with the pointy end regardless.

Watch your 6.

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I generally don’t attack first. Attempt to coexist and get our leveling on.

However, I also tend to remember the horde that do attack, especially when I’m fighting a mob or low on life/mana. Those I fix in my mind and will attack on sight as I meet them again.

Happened with a priest/mage duo which I repeatedly ganked after. Also with a mage I met again 4 days after ganking me and repeatedly killed him while leaving other horde in the area alone.

lol turn off war mode u scrubs

if youve heard me while stealthed its 2 late cyanara mateys

I keep a tally, if i get ganked, then i get to gank somebody later.
No point getting mad. I personally try to keep the ganks to a “minimum” and i try to keep it classy… but sometimes a bit of /spit is needed.

IMO tho, if you find yourself in a fair fight, you f*cked up. You should always try to have an edge.

I mind control players into large groups of mobs to ensure they take durability damage.

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Maybe when the 80% of Alliance who are mages stop dungeon spamming and get out in the world it might be a healthier PvP environment.

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I gank everyone, whenever I want, because I can.

It’s more satisfying if they have mobs on them and the mob gets the last hit.

Alliance are scum.

1 Enter new questing area wave and smile, help struggling gnome or two.
2 when my quests are done gank anything i see and bail quick let whoever left in the area have fun.
3 Enter new questing area smile and wave.

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hey man saw u in org last night sick shadowcraft helmet love ya stuff keep it up homeslice xx

funny how alliance dont mention the ganking at thorium point when horde lands to go raid, and camping every corridor of blackrock mountain…

I’ll kill any one of you I see or die trying I don’t even care what level you are. You shouldn’t have messed with me. You know when I rolled on this server I thought I’d be a nice girl and I was gonna be friendly and dance with the horde. Yeah right. Hell hath no fury etc etc.

Like legit lol if you have any idea what i’ve done. The blood on these cute liddle gnomy hands lol. The literal genocide. I’ve set you guys back weeks. I’ve killed the same people 20 times in a day 5 days in a row in Hillsbrad. For weeks. Imagine leveling to 23-30 and going to that farm and having a pink haired gnome girl charging up on you and chopping you clean in half 15 times like you just legit spend hours running back to your corpse for 100 xp until you reroll. That yeti cave is going to be your tomb. That’s my rules of engagement. Enjoy!

Well… we all know some one of some one, and share/jump into each others Vent or Discord, so you here a lot on both sides. So hord or alli, there is no honor. most of the time, it kids who wanna have a laugh because they cannot PVP close to their level, or just being little sh1ts.

Personally, i go by the rule no less then 5 levels, and 3 lvls if its on a decade, (lvl 40 vs 37-39, as the jump in new abilities happens every 10th level).

i say name and shame, if some one who is ?? ganks you. name em here, and see if they will try it with someone there on level. ------ should separate the boys from the men.

i agree with the first post.