The Rules of Engagement

PVP server sweet heart

Its all wrong. Catch your opponent with low health fighting with mobs. Kill him. Spit on his corpse. Repeat.

Sorry mate I don’t agree… Horde are scum and have to be killed on sight. You guys done it way too many times to my beloved rogue for me to leave your lowbies alone. Thousand Needles is my zone!

Anyone that wants to be a magical elf or a gnome in a computer game deserves to be killed and spat upon

Ok world wide winner lestor.

Death to the alliance

Gnomes Humans Dwarves Night Elves

This is great, it’s good to see people out there enjoying the game in such a way.

I wouldn’t be able to stick to these rules unfortunately, because you’ve listed some of the most effective ways to farm honor - but alas, i love the sentiment!

Funny that allis cry about the exact same things they tend to do to horde. Ironic isn’t it?

Nice concept but havent seen it ever work on classic/retail pvp servers or retail wm for that matter ever.
Im more of a “wpvp is anything goes” and “no rules” and that way im always prepared and dont get caught up in the moral debates of whats right and wrong in a video game. Its a game, use whats at ur disposal and expect that sometimes u will win and sometimes u will lose. And if ur not ready or dont enjoy x v 1 situations in wpvp then u wont like pvp servers.
This might sound cynical but what history has taught us is that pvp servers become more faction imbalanced as time goes by so just play wpvp while its still there and u have someone to play with coz arugal is and yojamba will lose their alliance in time (felstriker and remulos r pbbly gonna get em).

Lmao this is brillaint.

These are great tips. Thank you very much,

Here’s how you gank as a rogue:

Make UD rogue thinking it will make up for the lack of skill
Open up on a plate wearer, do minimal damage
Be surprised when they trinket out of your stun and delete 50% of your hp with a single swing

At this point you are popping all of your cooldowns to get away, survive at 10% hp or less and convince yourself that the fight was a draw :joy: