The RP Community Wishlist

I would like to see kaldorei RP consist of something more than a sorority where the members all have girlfriends and wives while males seem more like tokens.

There are 2 or 3 RPers on the council. More would always be better of course, I think there’s 60 or so invites that still need to go out. I will say though that the RP posts on the cc forums are some of the most highest liked posts. We may not have alot of representation as a community but we’re sure making the most noise.


I already use the Argent Gruntling as Hal’s adopted child, even though it’s an orc. :slight_smile:


Here is to hoping Blizzard listens to our requests.


I use Uuna a lot of times! :two_hearts:

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Please relay this to Blizz for the Worgen fanbase:

This literally has over 2000 posts in support of the topic.

Night Elf Worgen as an Allied Race or tied to Worgen customization. (Though an Allied Race I think would be more suitable considering.)

Other things I would like to see:

  • More customization options all around, especially to those who did not receive nearly as much as some races. Make all humanoid hairstyles universal regardless of race. Worgen, Tauren, and Pandaren share some of the same assets too like bangs and braids.
  • Vrykul Allied Race for Alliance
  • Worgen Paladin and Monks
  • Night Elf Paladins
  • Human Shamans
  • Draenei Warlocks, Demon Hunters
  • Goblin Monks
  • Orc Priests
  • Tauren Warlocks
  • Player Housing - I see this is starting to be covered but it’s pretty self explanatory.
  • Updated and Improved Guild Tabard with more symbols/colors/patterns to choose from.
  • More canine pets. We need more doggos!
  • Being able to have an ignore feature where we cannot be spammed with toys by trolls who place toys on top of people and disrupting RP. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been trolled with some random player coming up and placing 23744432482 loud and obnoxious toys. Make it so if we put them on ignore, we do not see their toys as well.
  • Class Skins - Like with warlocks and green fire, I would like to see skins for classes like Night elf Priestesses and their spells become Elune based.

EDIT: I looked at the doc and well, I don’t feel comfortable trying to edit it. I put some things in there but not everything I listed here.


This has a lot of new and great ideas I have yet to see! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I will look into it ASAP!

Thank you again! :slight_smile:


Also, more NPC transmogs with individual pieces. Imagine a little vulpera running around with Jaina’s outfit or a fierce worgen with the Lich King’s armor!


NElf Archer Armor, PLEASE!


Hey everyone! Not much to update on. As always make sure you’re watching the cc forums!

I’m assuming activity on the council will pick up in the new year. Whenever an RP post is made I’ll link to it in the megathread so we can show our support.

Otherwise if you have anything to add please feel free to use the Google Doc or the megathread. Thanks everyone!


I’ve also added the following to the google doc:

Saberon Allied Race for the Horde

Thanks for keeping in communication with us!

And remember… #GiveWorgenTails


Quivers with Bows.

While the coding on this could be a hassle to start and get the art set, but a bow could be a one-handed weapon with a limitation that the offhand is only a quiver so people can mix and match bows with quivers. Could keep it cosmetic or even lower bow stats and put stats on quivers for the PVE / PVP appeal to get it over the finish line.

Alternatively and with less flavor and just make quivers for all the bow art like they did for artifacts.


Thought of another thing, white and gray items to be able to be added to your mog list.


That reminds me of an old idea I had. An Ethereal/Broker Npc that hangs with the other npcs naturally. This NPC functions as a transmog unlocker.

In a nutshell, any loot you get from where ever you go, it can be “scrapped” at this NPC, in return, you learn that piece of gear as a transmog.

So if you were a cloth wearer and a piece of leather drops, you can take that leather piece to this NPC and the mog becomes unlocked. You still cannot transmog to it, but it will be unlocked for your leather wearers even though you got the piece on a cloth wearer.


Yes this, 1000 times this. They added some really nice-looking quivers in with the SL bows. it is a shame we cannot use them.


RP-Useful Toys & Items Durations

There are SO many toys and other items that we role-players WISH we could use for role-play more. For example, those race-themed tents we got in WOD. Sticking with the tents, they have a horrid duration and only work on DRAENOR. If we could have their duration made indefinite and their placement changed to anywhere in the game, that’d be amazing! Think of how awesome it would be to be able to plonk your blood elf-themed tent down during some adventure RP, or perhaps you could coordinate with friends and make a big military cams using them. Point being, SO many items NEED to be re-assessed through the optics of role-play function.

Hostile Mob Management

Let’s look at Suramar City for a moment. This could also apply to parts of Borlaus and dungeon and raid areas ; but Suramar City is the big one. Suramar City is FULL of hostile mobs. Give us role-players the ability to turn the hostile mobs in an area we—or our group—is in neutral. Let me be clear: I don’t want all mobs phased out; I want them neutral. Being able to make them neutral would allow us to still have the illusion of a busy place—the option to have the NPC’s as backdrop pieces in our RP.

Buildings & RP

Let’s look at Stormwind. You have HEAPS of big, open taverns to RP in. Now shift your eyes over to Orgrimmar and… every other Horde place. We’re lucky if we get chairs, let alone big halls to RP in. Please—for the love of all that is holy—give Horde RPers chairs and big places in our cities to RP!

Guild Customisation

More tabard designs and icons please. They haven’t been updated since VANILLA!


Complete Armor Sets

A great example for this one is the Kirin Tor themed sets that come from Ulduar and some of the Naxx plate sets. They are incomplete. PLEASE complete them. It SUCKS to have a set you love, but there is no way to get the boots OR there WAS a way to get them once upon a time, but something happened, and you can’t complete the set anymore. Don’t worry about getting creative with getting the missing pieces to us; just make the missing pieces cosmetic items and put them on a new vendor in each expansion’s capital.

Flags and Banners

I want an Ebon Blade flag that works JUST like the awesome PvP faction pennant toys we can get. No duration—they last until you die or dismiss please.

Last Names and Apostrophes

Please, let us put apostrophes in names and allow us to have cosmetic last names. SO many blood elves, for example, have names with apostrophes in them. Let us mimic this to increase immersion.

Q&A’s with the Role-Play Community

We exist. We’ve had PVP, PVE, and Lore (please bring lore Q&A’s back) Q&A’s before; but NEVER one for RP. Please, we have a lot of interesting things to say—great perspectives on how WE play the game and how we can help YOU make it better for role-players. Give us some visibility to your developers—offer us your ear. We are some of your most dedicated players. We want to help make our particular experience better; just ask us—show us that you care.



Jokes aside, though the Horde has long made memes about not having chairs, it reflects on a larger issue with Horde cities in that we lack simple basic design considerations that help support rp. Details as basic as chairs were not even given to us, much less a flush well-designed city that is immersive.


Lack of good building layouts and seating are why I hate RP on the Horde side. Silvermoon has some good places, but they are sparsely populated.


110%; I agree.

The sad thing is that not having enough open building in cities, outposts, etc… to RP in, no chairs, etc… are oversights that COULD have been tackled YEARS ago by just having SOMEONE on the dev. team who would advocate for the RPer’s perspective.

For example, imagine if we had someone on our side during Cataclysm’s development? Perhaps we’d still have the scene that was Brill–a thriving RP hub. No issue with them updating Brill, but, if you’re going to take away the tavern that everyone used, put a better one in its place.

But yes; the Dev.'s ought to first acknowledge that they see us, and then action an intent to see things from our perspective. We may have a small community when compared to the PVP or PVE communities, but we are VERY dedicated. We deserve the consideration.