The Revival Catalyst is Coming Next Week

That… is a very good point.

And? What does that matter?

You won’t like the answer so I’m guessing they won’t bother.

this took way too long, especially since if someone has been incredibly unlucky it is still going to take another 4 weeks for them to get their 4 set.


It’s even worse if you want to do pvp and pve as well.

You will have to choose between turning a piece of pve gear to tier or pvp gear.

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Yeah it seems really weird that it doesn’t work with crafting. Basically makes most of the armor crafting specialization trees useless because you’re obviously gonna want set bonuses in those slots


To all you saying its released too late… its literally a month into the expansion. You had a month to earn it the same way everyone else did, you just had bad RNG or chose - key word chose, not to do the content. Just be glad they are bending the knee and giving you unearnt tier.

As for locking it behind a weekly quest, good, atleast you have to earn it somehow. Only group that has the right to sook are the pvpers that only could roll tier from cache. Bring back PvP tier sets seperate to raid tier.

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Not sure why youd expect essentially free 415-418 gear to be able to be rolled as tier. We all knew tier was 4 set in Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, legs. If you put crafted on any of those slots and not in the non tier slots for maxing BiS stats, thats on you lol.

Take mage, embelished on neck and shoulders, leaving Helm, Chest, Gloves, Legs for 4 set. No class has “bis crafted” in a way that will interupt 4 set…

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Builds Dragonflight around crafting

Disallows upgrading Crafted Gear to Tier

This made sense in SL when Crafting wasn’t a part of the gearing process. But in DF it is.


at least two weeks late. please listen to players on this one. What do you gain by keeping this so late in the season?

it’s literally 2 months

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except it’s not free. You still have to buy the crafting material you still have to run +16 mythics or mythic raid.

Oh noes a whole month extra! Season is suggest to be going till mid April anyway, do the content if y’all want the gear.

… if you are stuggling with gold lemme know champ, must be hard. Spam run SBG, doesnt get any more free.

Does trying to demean me make you feel better about yourself?

Do you always go straight to insults when you can’t make a point?

So is the gear free or do you still have to do content to gain it?

Chins up super star youll get your free gear soon. Just gotta hold out for another week <3

does insulting me make you feel better?

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you know this gear was worthless to some of us to earn because we already had higher ilvl from doing world content - why are you creating another situation where the lower ilvl gear is the one to be made into tier when people earned the other world content gear in the same season. It makes little sense to make people grind for lower ilvl gear at this stage. You need to be giving people notice earlier on things like this.

I agree with this, please. I don’t mind being left behind a little in ilvl but no tier can feel real cruddy.

Raiding is cool but its just not something I want to do much anymore. I wish we could stay a little seperate, I think fans of both types of content seem to feel that way.

They don’t care about outdoor players.

They literally took away our daily content to appease the raiders/M+ers so they wouldn’t feel “forced” to do WQs daily when all that comes from it this xpac is rep.

They quite literally do not care about outdoor players.