The Return of Large Groups in Battlegrounds

We know it was your suggestion, just like you got MQG added to the arena tournament realm and pushed for HvH and no doubt the retail mmr system was pushed by you. I wonder how many other bonehead suggestions you made to retail that killed that game and now tbcc.

Remember everyone cheered on arena gear templates years ago? I remember, clown community.

How is this a bad change for groups? Raids get to play again but they’re matched up against other raids…

This change is literally good for everybody: good for raids and good for solos.

Unless your idea of group PVP is just pug stomping… in which case, that’s maybe where the problem lies.


i would have loved this change, 2 years ago. now my servers dead and im unsubbing. too little too late.

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I’m a big fan of premades and a lot of my earliest posts talk about this subject.

They took groups of 6+ out when they tested and permanently implemented FvF (I hate FvF but that’s beside the point). This is a solution where they allow people to premade again.

They weren’t going to put premades back without a change like this. So we had this or nothing. I’m just wondering what your problem with it is. I’ve always liked premade vs premade games the most.

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What are you even talking about? You can queue as a raid again, you’ll just have to fight another group doing the same. This is a win win for everyone, except the people who only wanted to pug stomp because they didn’t want to actually pvp.


And its not even guaranteed, its favored. A lot of PvPers in classic were hoping for this since phase 3 lol.

If pops are going 99:1 that’s not blizzards doing that’s players transferring to other servers. Obviously though they have been concentrating on the pvp side of the game since this is the 2nd big change to it.

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Premades are groups where players have the best items, communication schemes and organized strategy.
Playing alone in a pug you don’t have any of that. So, you are at a disadvantage and you will lose because of it.
I’m not against premades. They are fun and important to the pvp community. But, I am radically against putting a premade to face a pug. This is completely unfair and no one is going to have any real fun. Players who are in the premade will not find a challenge to their height, and on the other hand pug players will be massacred, not because they are bad players, but because they are at a huge disadvantage.
So what’s the problem with putting premades against premades and pugs against pugs?


I found a while back from watching a smaller stream that a proportion of the Horde PvP population had/have second Alliance accounts for their own server so they could queue both factions, play the Alliance character while waiting for their long Horde queue to pop, and once it did, basically AFK the match on their Ally character for a loss while actively playing the Horde character to win.

Now what’s to stop these same people queuing up their Horde/Ally raids at the same time, likely getting both raids into the same BG, playing their Horde character 95% of the duration, the other 5% their Ally to avoid getting flagged AFK. Clearly if you’re matching like for like sized raid groups, it will undoubtedly group these scammers in the same BG (lets not even pretend people aren’t going to do this)

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This tries to address the symptom, not the root cause.

You have an issue where people need to farm about 100k honor to be on an even footing. Private servers tried to do something similar in the past. People always find ways to game the system for the most efficient honor/hr possible.

The moment someone figures out how to do it, you can expect pug stomping back on the menu. I farmed most of my pvp gear doing premades, and it’s about 4 times faster than solo queuing. Were the games fun? No, but it’s definitely better than playing 30min ABs where 3 people are afk stables.

BGs stop being fun when you have to play 100+ hours to gear your character.

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There is no issue except that either the premades will complain the matches take too long ruining there honor per hour or they will find a way to win share with the other team especially if it’s another horde team.

Awhile back some were requesting that blizz implement rated bgs so premades would face premades. This is basically what they did without actually calling it rated bgs and it took it a step farther by making it any group at 6 or more will face another premade of the same size.

Bad change is bad. Hopefully whoever rubber stamped this is the next person to quit or be fired xD

So we should just go back to no pre mades at all?

Good change in my book, let’s see how it works once it goes live.

The reason to play premades was to stomp.

What they should have added to this change is either much higher honor gains for winning, or other rewards. If players could get 5-10x the honor for winning a premade game, there’d be premade vs. premades going all day long.

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Winning already gets you more honor/marks.

LOL the irony of someone complaining about an “anti-social change” of an MMO while running solo is not lost on me.


Yes please. A lot of the wall jumping abuse from back in the day was fixed and you would actually get banned for doing such ( I personally had a GM tell me to stop or I’d be suspended for it ). Nowadays people do it blatantly and when you say anything people act like you’re the odd one.

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Good change. Thanks blizzard. Please ignore the naggers. They nag nag no matter what.