The Return of Large Groups in Battlegrounds

Nobody asked for your opinion but here you are.

Oh bucko you couldn’t be more wrong.

While I don’t premake bgs anymore, I was also angry at this change when HvH came out. Added some bad with the good.

There were many posts about it. Just because the furor has died down doesn’t mean people don’t want premades back.

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Tell me that BC has fallen off without telling me BC has fallen off.

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Sweet another afternoon of perpetually offended non player characters crying because blizz didn’t do what they wanted them to do.

You have gone back and forth with this nonsense since launch. Everyone who cares about these PVP changes have likely already quit the game, remember the months of hour plus long ques, Little too late blizzard, I have no faith in you anymore.

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This is a good change and how it always should have been.

Those who say it isn’t a good change are just interested in being able to stomp pugs quickly and efficiently for fast honor with no regard for those who would like more balanced matches.

You can still queue with your friends so that argument is out the window. You’re just going to have to face other equally prepared and coordinated groups going forward should you premade.


Dang, how am I supposed to stomp pugs now?

Finally premades will have to fight each other. This is how it always should have been.


You are trying to fix pvp when people are mass leaving due to server populations? way to go blizz. Put a huge bandaid on the scratch and leave the gaping wound untouched. gg

That’s fine as long as the above is true that there will also be a group of 6 or more on my team as well.

I think AV has enough trouble for the queue to pop, lol.

Right and as long as this is also true we’re all good.

As long as both sides have some form of premade that’s a vast improvement.

Seems like the priority but

LoL you really like partial quoting and missing the point.

All that quote is saying is if you queue with a non raid the other team might have a raid. Which is fine, as long as what was also said which is that both sides will have a raid is also true.

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It means if you queues are dead enough, it won’t stay inactive if there’s only one group queuing.

They are tempering your expectations.

Actually no that’s not what was said.

The tempering of expectations is that pug vs pug will not always be the case even if you queue pug, which is why I responded that that’s fine as long as there’s always at least some premade on both sides which is exactly what was said.


What do you think will not guarantee means exactly?

From my understanding they are stating that there won’t always be equal group size matchmaking and you are saying, that’s fine as long as you guarantee that it does.

Edit: Actually, reading it again, I think that your view is the right take.

I’m not sure how that will work during the less popular hours. I don’t want to see queue times increase.

Also hope that doesn’t mean we’ll face Alliance even less.

I’m guessing it’ll work somewhat like OW does, where it tries to form groups with larger premades first then fills in the rest with smaller groups/solo. And pug vs pug gets lowest priority.

This is a good change.

From the wording, it sounds like if one side has a pre-made of raid size (6+) then the other side is guaranteed to also have one of those.

That’s a very good thing.


If only 1 raid of 6+ is queued, I’d assume they’d have to wait for another raid of 6+ to queue. Guess we just have to wait and see what it looks like at unusual times of day.

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With all the supporting comments here, I guess we get what we deserve. Another anti-social change for the solo crowd in an MMO-Rpg.