The Reins of the Mighty Caravan Situation - A Plea For Communication

Actually, the pre-patch shows that they do indeed take into account player behavior.

Just try and mount up on your way to big mount near any Quest NPC in the pre-patch event.

They literally responded to the information being datamined. You’re just flat out lying at this point.

Agree 100%. Especially the brawler’s guild completely and its rewards.

I think Blizz realized it was a bad idea to let everyone use the AH from everywhere and be one more thing like repair and mail that you never have to travel anywhere to do, but it was too late and removing it was their only option and would limit the amount of players who have it.

They could have easily just added a 5 million gold toy or another mount with AH so I am convinced the portable AH was the problem and Blizz did not want everyone to have one. I would have been able to save up for one by now and there were plenty of times I had the money for wow tokens to get one and I am sure others can say the same.

But I think the truth is, Blizz decided it was not a good idea for everyone to have a portable AH and those who did get one are very lucky.

Or they are, because they got caught. You haven’t come up with a good reason why they would put this into the game at the start of the expansion and then remove it at the end, without saying a word until it had been discovered. Why did they need to remove it and turn it into late expansion fomo from something everybody to get to something that would be unobtainable?

How long did it take them to put a hotfix on the Sha of Anger? It seems they were really surprised that anyone would be outraged that they fixed this fast, after so many years of an unhealthy drop rate, when so many things in the current game are utterly broken.

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And now you’re trying to spin this and blame me for not coming up with a reason you didn’t ask for, instead of confronting the fact that you just made a verifiably false claim.

Classic rage posting.

Just to be clear, the day Wowhead published the datamining that article was shared here on the forums, and a blue was the seventh response. They absolutely addressed it as soon as the information was made available.

That isn’t the first time they’ve done that. I remember around MoP they implemented changes like that and started taking it very seriously. It used to be regular occurence during the opening of the Winter Veil gifts. They consider it a bannable offense because it’s literally blocking progress from other players. I don’t disagree with that. They should absolutely intend to prevent that behavior. When Zereth Mortis first dropped you weren’t able to mount anywhere near Bolvar. Now you can around him or sit atop a Mammoth with world shrinker active and Gamon’s Braid also, active.

However, I was strictly speaking about their reasoning for removing the Brutosaur. I just don’t see a bunch of people mounting up for the sake of mounting up on an auction house mount. The people who do that have every intention to post/repost and sell their goods. You could say, them playing the auction house is their game, rather than being an adventurer, they venture into the economy. They are few and far between. Keeping the Brutosaur would’ve kept some evergreen content for people wanting to work their way up to farming an in game convenience.



Put it back on the vendor at 6M… and every month, it goes up another 100k. Until it hits 10M, at which point it stops.

(this is just me being silly. I have it, and I have no problem with it going back on the vendor. I’m just trying to offer anything to the “Noo!!1111111” crowd)


I just realized something, that may offer some sort of shred of faint hope. The way they worded that message…they specifically said it would be removed from those two specific vendors. And of course they said it would go on the BMAH, but the vendor removal wording is very narrow.


You never know. They could always throw one up on a BFA timewalking vendor.

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: !

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Potentially a Brutosaur but never with an AH


It’s just conjecture, really. If it comes back cool. I just don’t want to stand in the way of something that might make other players happy.

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I’m not saying it was removed to sell tokens…


5,000,000 gold mount that was going to disappear…


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they have already communicated with players on this issue. the fact that people don’t like the answer doesn’t mean no answer was given.

Such a shame they removed it from the vendor. Even more shame that they didn’t keep their word.

Do the right thing, blizz, bring the bruto back!


This doesn’t matter at all. The CC is a sham and pr stunt.


I understand the concern. It is, at the very least, a more prominent place where issues can be raised, regardless of what happens to the threads themselves.

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You guys can use my brutosaur.

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That’s appreciated, but I don’t want to have to hunt you down in the middle of a dungeon just to see your :sauropod: