The Reins of the Mighty Caravan Situation - A Plea For Communication

Hi Blizz,

Over the past 16 months, the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur have not appeared in any Black Market Auction House in the North American region. It has reportedly appeared once in the EU region, and that was it. Sightings are tracked with the help of TSM from players worldwide.

These forums, Reddit, Wowhead, and many other places have had an outcry from fans who want to know what happened and whether the issue is on Blizzard’s radar. I’ve submitted in-game bug reports and was told in a ticket by a GM back in June-ish that they could find no evidence of any verified bug reports being worked on.

A couple of players previously asked on the Customer Support forum about this, where a blue was kind enough to check with someone who possessed knowledge of a hotfix made right before the Brutosaur went missing. I believe the question was presented about a year ago, and the response was that there was no knowledge of any deliberate change to the rate at which the Brutosaur appears on the Black Market Auction House.

When the late announcement regarding its removal from the BFA vendor was made, it was plainly stated that the Brutosaur would be made available at the Black Market Auction House. However, there was no expectation set that it wouldn’t show up for years at a time.

I, and many others, am simply asking for a Blizzard response as to whether this is on someone’s radar to look at or if there was a deliberate nerf that has effectively removed it from the BMAH pool.

Thank you for any response you can provide to us, and Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S.: To anyone on the Community Council, it would be greatly appreciated if this subject could be directly raised on the CC forum (if it hasn’t already) in case this thread gets buried in the depths of the void.


Yeah seems a lil shady honestly.


I have the mount. I farmed up the gold for the specific reason I didn’t want to have to deal with the BMAH.

You have my support to bring it back at it’s original price on the vendor.


Why would they put the mount from last expansion on the BMAH? At that point they might as well not have made it time-limited at all.

Because they said they would. It would be one thing if they said they wouldn’t, but they said they would. As someone who has the mount, IDC if they bring it back to the old vendor, make it appear more in the BMAH, or had it be a reward for a twitch drop.


Should have never been removed from the vendor.


Me, too.

They will not be communicating with players on this issue because they have nothing to say that players want to hear. I can’t think of a single reason they could have had for how they have dealt with this that wouldn’t piss people off.


What you did there. I see it.


One of the things I hated about that whole removal of it. They tried to get cute with their blue posts and referenced the Dinosaurs being extinct. Like, just call it what it is. They instrumented a marketing gimmick during an unpopular expansion.

They said something along the lines of “not wanting the streets of Orgrimmar & Stormwind to be lined with Brutosaurs”, but they never take into account player behavior. I have no numbers on this but I’d wager there’s a lot of folks who just want to dump their stuff on the ah and go on about their business.


Interesting. I don’t remember that part. That would be really strange to use that reasoning while leaving all of the other dinosaur mounts/pets on the vendors. :\


This 1!


Thanks for sharing that. It turns out I don’t think I wanted to read that after all :rofl:

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Because it is now a ‘new’ effectively gold cap purchase for anyone who didnt have the 5 mil gold during bfa who wants one.

Blizz loves doing it’s best to abuse the BMAH to pull as much gold out of the economy as possible since it has routinely removed other gold sinks

That’s all well and good, but the item has to actually show up first :rofl:


That’s what I do with mine.

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I agree with the thought that it needs to show up. I wouldn’t be just as surprised if it has a trash drop rate vs it not being on the list though.

Remember Blizzard doesn’t see a problem with Sha mount drop rates (until they punted the Evoker loot table and need a public ‘win’) so this just not appearing because it has a like a .1% chance at spawning when the BMAH decides to populate a mount wouldn’t surprise me any more than them just not having it on the BMAH to begin with. Since we have seen it elsewhere I would assume that it is in fact on the list and we just have that kind of luck with it

Prior to the announcement that it was going to be in BMAH loot boxes, it was showing up once a month on some realm. After that it stopped appearing.

It really wasn’t that late, it was halfway through the expansion, and the announcement was that it was going to be removed a year from then.

Rather have people just buy it from the vendor again, no reason to have it on the BMAH.

Signed: owner of one


We should have a silly quest line that rewards us with an heirloom auctioneer and mailbox, 5 minute cooldown.

To heck with the mount! Pocket availability and access, heirloom style. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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