The Reins of the Mighty Caravan Situation - A Plea For Communication

“Late announcement” refers to the fact that this was discovered through datamining by wowhead that found the achievement turned into a feat of strength. There was a lot of discussion and speculation before they admitted it was going to be removed from the vendor.


well, yes. that is correct. they shouldn’t have made it limited time.


It was still 10 months out from the launch of the expansion. It was plenty of time to earn the gold to get it. I didn’t have near the 5 million needed when they announced it, and I set myself the goal of getting it. I made 13 million gold by the end of BFA and bought myself a pretty sweet ride.

Edit: Not really defending them taking it out of the game. I understand why they did it, but I don’t really care seeing as I’ve already got mine.

If wowhead had not discovered this and made it public, we have no reason to believe it would have been anything but an unpleasant surprise.

Did they change their minds later, or was it all part of a plan to remove it and say nothing? Surely with your inside information you can tell us which sleazy thing they were doing.

Or maybe the real reason they put it in the game was to see where players would grind gold to buy it, so they could nerf those.

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Bruh they couldve atleast made another brutosaur mount without all the utility.

That mount was too good to just make one and have it be 5 million AND put it in the BMAH the very next expansion

shoutout all my broke boys and girls. help us out


Brutosaur is terrible for the game. All 3 years of Shadowlands people would sit in Oribos, 5 second walk from the Org portal, screaming in general chat for a Brutosaur for 15 minutes. It somehow made society dumber as a whole. Hope it never comes back.

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That should have been a thing anyway.

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You’re so close to the right answer.

I’m hoping this becomes the new BfA TW mount:

But I have a feeling it will be a dumb pterodactyl.

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There’s 5 unused recolors? :sob:

where DA **** have those been? i want one NOW

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Just imagine if the vendor had had not only the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, but also a smaller version called the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur’s Consort, and a pet Child of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur.


Blizzard has stated before that putting an auctioneer on a mount was “a mistake” and that they wanted to make it limited time so they didn’t make the situation worse.

Before I heard that, I just used my brutosaur for my own purposes.

After hearing that, I leave a character idling in places without Auction Houses because I know it bothers Ion, and I delight in making his blood pressure rise.

Their promise to leave it on the BMAH was clearly a bald-faced lie. I hope they honor their word, but I given their track record, it doesn’t look good.


You see this change of mind a lot.

“We regret we put in [quality of life improvement everybody loves]”

What they mean is:

“We regret that previous devs who designed the game to be fun gave players fun they didn’t deserve, and so we need to remove this.”


They need to bring everything that’s unobtainable back and make it difficult to acquire. Bring everything back or nothing at all.

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I mean I don’t think it’s really worth arguing counterfactuals. We’ll never no because it played out the way it did.

They need to bring back the story and other content that have been removed.

People will never stop being disappointed that it was removed and speculating on why. Can’t change that.


I feel like at this point it’s not in the BMAH because Blizzard wants the longboi to be worth more than gold cap without actually raising the gold cap

You have zero backing for that claim. Wowhead datamines enormous amounts of data before Blizzard announces the information all the time. What we actually have no reason to believe is that the brutosaur would have been any different than hundreds of other data bits that later get announced as normal, included in patch notes, etc.

They did not immediately confirm it was being removed.

You are guessing, basically just making up excuses to cover for an unpopular decision they made that won’t go away no matter how hard you try to silence it.