The Race to World first in the Sepulcher of the First Ones has Begun!

The Race to World first in the Sepulcher of the First Ones has Begun!

The race to see who can end the Jailer’s plans to reshape reality within the Sepulcher of the First Ones begins this week. The best of the best will ultimately face a series of challenges within this mysterious heart of the Shadowlands to see who will cross the finish line to claim World First!

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No one cares.

Lets watch Limit and Echo spend millions of dollars on our hamster wheel!


It will not be me.


You guys should do something to make the average player care. Put an item in the game, or something, depending on which team wins. Like a transmog. That might be neat.


Add a casino game where you bet gold to bet on who wins. That’d be cool.

But watching neckbeards talk about competitive PvE? Hard pass.


sure wish ferals were viable


How about not designing the raid difficulty for top guilds with lots of gold?


It isn’t? Top guilds literally don’t even have access to double leggo yet, which is likely what the raids will be tuned around for more average guilds.


I agree. I wish they would put a secret ending behind the mythic boss. People would be more hype about it. I do look forward to the cinematic from today

Yeah, I am excited to see how the story ends. Should be really cool.

I’m pretty sure the twitch link for Liquid is incorrect…I don’t believe its /complexity anymore they’re not sponsored by them.

Not going to celebrate something that is making the raid less fun because you’re designing it for a marketing event and not to be interesting.


I will probably be watching on Maximum’s channel off and on. I have been watching that guy’s content sporadically for the last year or so, good creator.

I have to admit I do enjoy the final boss hype.

But yeah. The raid would be better if it wasnt designed around putting on a show for 1 week.

I’ll be watching him and Fraggy from EU.

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The entire game would be. We wouldn’t have to deal with silly timegating garbage etc. We could just do the content and get things like double lego as we get there. If people want to rush… whatever… let them.

I completely agree, but I don’t know if Blizzard will ever turn away from the “e-sports” direction.

Speak for yourself; I care.


Who cares?

Like… why does anyone care at this point?

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Liquid and Echo probably do.

I don’t.

Most players still playing the game don’t.

It’s like people hyping up mythic+ key pushers or arena people. Who cares? It’s not impressive, hasn’t been for years.

It’s just a giant waste of time and money.

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