The pro premade folks

Sound almost exactly like the pro twink folks. Both times. Those of you arguing for something that is obviously being corrupted need to be more politic in your arguments.


Okay and what exactly is your issue?


My issue is that premades like twinks frame it as a skill problem. Neither has anything to do with skill. In my experience premades avoid premades and twinks avoid twinks. Premades want 14 minute wins and twinks want to blow up levelers. It is what it is, we don’t have to be upset about it. When the first comment to anything is get gud it turns the community off.


You’re fifteen years too late for this argument.

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No, its not the same. Premades are usually people who are grinding all day to gain honor. Twinks do not do this for honor.

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Absolutely the same. And I support both of their playstyles, play the game as you like. However, there should be matchmaking in the game so one person’s playstyle isn’t forced on everyone. It should be premades vs premades, geared vs geared, casual vs casual.


You have no experience.

Twinks love fighting other twinks. If we didn’t, we’d play at 60 lmao.

People engaged in a competetive setting want to win. More on this breaking news at 11.

Being beaten in PVP and framing it as bullying is retail mentality. Want to PVP without getting beaten by gear and coordination? Pet Battle week is coming up so you can have fun there.

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I don’t have a problem with premades or twinks.

If you have a problem with either one make your own.

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Overall, premades really don’t bother me. Im a member of the human race and some of them just aren’t cool. It happens when youre born into a species like this.

My real beef with some of them is when they tell you its all about friendship, camaraderie, healing the sick, clothing the poor, skill, competition and good natured fun rather than being depraved fanatics of the first order.

You do you but don’t piss on my head and tell me its raining.


So because I love teamwork . . . i’m the problem now. . .

You donut.

Twinks loving playing other twinks was debunked years ago.


These people lie more than politicians.

The closest these people came to telling the truth was when they said “Premades are the only way to have fun in BG’s.”

Which is less of a defense of premades and more an indictment of how terrible BG’s are for pugs(because of the premades).


That we like teamwork doesn’t matter to most of these people. They’ll just keep saying we only do it for the HPH and we all secretly want to PUG with a bunch of cross-realm strangers who don’t even know how to play the BG half the time.

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PvP is just for memes in Vanilla anyway. I like competing, but there is nothing competitive about premades in Vanilla. I find them boring tbh, I just like q’ing solo or with a couple of friends. This is coming from a Gladiator level player btw.

Lmfao too true. .

Fun fact of the day. My premades have gone up against you’re premades so many times! Mootwo you’re a hell of a flag carrier! I’ve had a lot of fun playing against you with my premade group.

/salute from Grobbulous!

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Thats like. . .your opinion man!

Post on your Glad or GTFO!

I like the Big Lebowski reference.

I can’t post from my main account, it’s suspended for a few days lol. I’ll reply back on Tuesday. ^_^;

To be clear, I don’t wan’t people not to be able to play in premades, I just don’t find them fun. I was trying to debunk the “only scrubs don’t like premades” argument.

Premades and twinks are strategies that some players use, in order to win battlegrounds. They are effective. That’s why they are used – some people actually want to win competitions. Trying to win isn’t “corruption” – it’s the purpose of BGs.

In other words, YOU want the game to be re-designed so that any winning method YOU don’t use is illegal. And in YOUR opinion, any winning method that YOU don’t use is…what did post #1 call it? Oh yeah, “corrupted”.

That’s pure nonsense. Should I unequip my blue weapon, because yours is green? Wouldn’t that be “fair” and “how it’s supposed to be”?


Premades and maxed out characters aren’t even slightly comparable. There are loads of maxed out characters in 60 battlegrounds that don’t premade. And there are loads of maxed characters in the X9 brackets that don’t premade.

What is the difference between me jointing a BG on my nearly BiS raid geared rogue and 2 shotting cloth or doing exactly the same thing at level 19? There is no difference.

Premades are a totally different thing, and are not comparable at all.

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I’m going to hold you to it!

That a fair argument, i’ll give you that!

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