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Can you taste the waste?

Break their bones!

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There is no business like show business. In the Mages Guild, we say there is no business like H₂O business.

I look forward to playing with all of my fellow warlocks!

We have some awesome class leads and the Warlock class lead is no exception!

Do you see a need or interest within the casual ranks for “Alt raids”?

Good luck in Classic.

Remember the Sunwell

Remember the Szai

Hey Kolben!

We do have plans to have additional raid groups running during the week for alts and some more casual players.

Thanks for the interest!

I’m also looking forward to running battlegrounds with everyone. World pvp in phase 2 is going to be super fun.

R14 with no BGs…lets get it done!

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Are there any classes/specs you are specifically looking for? Or is pretty much everything needed?

We have a large amount of guild members at this time but we are intentionally avoiding the “how many of each class” type of thing at this point.

The reason for this is because people tend to switch classes, disappear, or change to a more casual spot if they have a schedule change.

I keep telling people to play the class they truly wish to play. If you show up to raids, dedicate yourself to being the best you can be and perform well…you WILL have a spot in the core of this guild.

That statement excludes things like meme specs.(Ele Shaman, Balance druid, etc.)

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Amazing group of guys to play with, I’ve had a blast with them even if its playing a game or just hanging out in discord.


I have enjoyed your company as well Tainted!

We have more awesome times ahead of us! :slight_smile:


Bumping to the top.

We will take screenshots of all the dead alliance body’s we are responsible for.
We may even make an obituary on the forums to let people know who was slain that day.

Any day now we will get that release date! Find your guild!

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Get off the Youtube videos and start being part of them! Make a difference in Classic and apply TODAY!


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I love this comment.

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