The only thing I wish they would change is the Re-speccing mechanic


This is pretty much the only thing I would like to see a change.
Not being able to really freely change your Spec as you want makes it feel quite limited. You can’t really test anything, it removes some of the ‘fun’ you could have with the game.

Some classes (i.e: any Healer or Tank) would REALLY benefit from being able to easily switch from Healing spec to DPS as they want. And actually everyone would benefit from it.

Because right now, let’s be honest, people WILL commit to a single Spec because of it, and that’s pretty bad/boring imo.
I just don’t see any positive side of being limited/gated behind gold [farming] to truly enjoy a class and everything it has to offer.

There are many different styles of game play in WoW, and different classes have different specs that align to different variations of game play. DPS, healing, tanking, PvP, raids, 5mans, farming, etc. To pigeon hole yourself into one spec because “choices” while making other types of game play punishing because of that is stupid imo. A level 60 character trying to effectively participate in these different types of game play, to the best of their ability, can easily spend 200g a week on respecs alone. You should not being penalized for wanting to enjoy the different aspects of the game. The more people participating in the different game play loops the better it is for the game and the better it is for everyone else.

Any thoughts?

" Oh my friend is online and he’s a Warrior, but he’s Fury atm and doesn’t have the money to re-spec, so let’s wait [another hour] and find another Tank guys. "

" I wish I could heal for you guys but I’m currently Shadow, next time guys sorry. "

Watching people dueling " Damn I know I could rekt this guy if I would duel him but I have the wrong spec… not gonna re-spec for a single duel for sure duh [rage inside]. "


Yes this was a huge quality of life change that should have been in from the start…

But the omg dont change anything people will freak the f out


You can. It just starts to cost you an arm and a leg.


Make the game easier for me me me me me me me me me me.

I respectfully disagree.


It is more than a bit cost prohibitive while you’re leveling to change specs say for a dungeon run or something similar but I just see that as one of the ‘warts’ Blizzard mentioned. It would be nice to make it cheaper but I wouldn’t necessarily change it either. I tend to level as whatever I am going to play regardless of the hardship that entails. If I’m going to be a healer endgame then I level as a healer (and cry a lot), if it’s a tank then tank questing it is but yeah, I completely understand what you’re saying here.


Also your reasoning is heavily flawed.

Unless it’s raiding, you can do pretty much every role in the game as any spec (as long as your class can do the role). You clearly never played vanilla if you think you can’t spec as an arms warrior and tank for leveling dungeons and same with healing with shadow priest.

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I’m thinking no.

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This would be one of the changes id approve of. even if it was a fixed price like 10 gold everytime i wouldnt mind. but it going all the way up to 60 is just killer for anyone who doesnt gold farm often.


So you can heal as Shadow? Ah ok. Didn’t know that.
Sounds like your reasoning is heavily flawed.

Also you’re totally missing the point.

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go play bfa


Of course you can heal as shadow. Do you even know what you are talking about?


Then get one spec, and play that spec.

I’m going to play a hunter PvP build so I will certainly not be optimized for PvE, but I’ll manage. That’s how the game is designed, and changing such rules would certainly unexpectedly destroy some aspects of the game we didn’t think it would.


alot of the emchanics that existed, that are inconvinient, do so, to be sinks/taxes, in one way or anouther, the moment you start to take away these systems, the gold and stuff pile up… so, you should watch Kevin Jordan speak of why many of these inconvinient systems exist…



Do you really think someone will pick a Shadow Priest to go heal BRD?


Of course! Why not?


Clearly not. She probably only started playing WoW when dual-specs came into the game and thinks you only get healing spells if you spec into holy and discipline or only get taunt if you spec into prot lol


“I want to be the very best
And I want it to be freeeeeee.
Let me have all the specs
So specs don’t mean anythiiiiiiing”


Again totally missing the point by trying to be a smart a$$
And I started playing WoW day one, otherwise why would I know it’s bad the way it is?
Just not gonna reply to people like you anymore lol


Someone who doesn’t even play the game can tell you that the vanilla talent tree sucks lol