The only thing I truly want to see gone in TBC is Leeway and Spell batching

Pretty much 100% of my deaths while leveling or farming dungeons is due to those two things especially Leeway seeing mobs hit you from 40 feets away is extremely frustrating as for Spell Batching, I just love it when I vanish a mob fireball but it still hit me and I die or I drink my potion and get hit at the same time and still die.

Did they said anything about them?

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Spell batching is being brought down to Modern WoW levels. Leeway will likely never be removed and still exists on Modern WoW with the same formula from 15 years ago.

What are you saying? There is no spell batching in “modern” wow I don’t see two mage able to sheep each other at the same time and both end up sheep and I don’t see mobs hitting me from a mile away when I run away from them.

As far as I know Spell Batching and Leeway were Artificially made up by Blizzard to simulate 2004 Vanilla WoW gameplay and server/connection lag.

You can go onto retail right now and confirm leeway exists in 30 seconds. Get a friend, have them stand against a wall while dueling you. Attack them from max range and then have them start running against the wall while you strafe back and forth and your melee range will increase.

Here’s an example I found on youtube:

Spell or ability leeway also exists on Modern WoW (video creator mistakenly calls it melee leeway in this video:

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Yes I know those exist what I mean is its far less than in Classic I didn’t mean “They 100% doesn’t exist” just far less abused and annoying to a point I do not notice it.

Spell batching was not put into the game to simulate lag from 2004. Spell batching was put into Classic because it was part of Vanilla.

Here is a blue post that confirms that there was 400 MS batching all the way through Mists of Pandaria.

Blue Tracker - World of Warcraft (

Leeway exists with the exact same formula it has for the last 15 years. Hitboxes across all races were normalized though.

Here’s the leeway formula, which you can also test to confirm is the same between both games:

Melee attack: MAX(5, SourceCombatReach + TargetCombatReach + 4/3) + IfSourceAndTargetAreRunning(8/3)
Ranged attack: SourceCombatReach + TargetCombatReach + AttackRange + IfSourceAndTargetAreRunning(2)
AoE: TargetCombatReach + AttackRadius + IfSourceIsRunning(2)

I don’t mean to crush your dreams or whatever, but if they’ve never touched leeway in 15 years, there’s a reason for that. I think it’s incredibly unlikely that they’ll reduce or remove it.


I have no idea for PVP by what I can see its similar but I’m pretty sure its not the case for mobs, unless the test I did are completely messed up, I was able to farm for example ZF on retail with a mage without getting hit once trying to simulate what I do in classic, it was super easy not to get hit, I was able able to be kind of close to mobs without being hit a single time, doing that on classic right now would be impossible, I did like 10 tries to be sure but who knows maybe I’m just crazy.

As for spell batching something like 90 ms batching would be perfect, right now on classic spell batching is way more than 400 ms they did something to it to allow for example two mage to sheep each other at the same time, normally only one sheep should go through not both.

As of now on the PTR, it’s going down to 10ms:

Try it again if they ever get the batching change to go live before TBC. It should be a lot easier.

Interesting, thanks.

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I never die. I’m just that good.

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