Remember back in TBC arena

…when pillar hugging was not a thing cause of Taurens?

https:// clips.twitch. tv/SpeedySilkyKangarooNerfRedBlaster-mQc041mrI7rHaUdi

Yea me neither. Im sure their reference client behaves the same. No worries trust in the 1.13+ client.

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I hope thats a bug. That’s insane.

Maybe because its 2 tauren so their hitboxes barely overlap?

Im pretty sure the leeway is the same as it is on classic rn. That said, it just goes to show how off it is.

Thought with the removal of batching, leeway got removed as well? This will be interesting to keep tabs on. It’ll make tauren both BIS and detrimental to have on your team…

Somebody needs to test tauren VS other races to see if it works the same or if its just tauren VS tauren this becomes an issue

https:// clips.twitch. tv/ObliviousResoluteBeeGrammarKing-xHByx4EPbEOy9Dye

Edit: Updated

that clip doesnt work

for people too lazy to fix the link themselves. The second link is actually broken.

but also, pretty sure I’ve heard people talk about pillar hugging on tauren being weird before this.

EDIT: also, for future reference for those that don’t know, if you put ` around a link you can post it.

Fixed it



weird, I had only heard of tauren having weird hit boxes around pillars, but those aren’t tauren.

Yea its almost like its not accurate.

Hm. I’ve always remembered being able to do stuff like that. So long as you’re in the melee hit box but u cant use skills around the LOS

Like, if u see its just cutting the corner of the pillar with white hits where the tauren were swinging THROUGH the pillar almost on the complete other side with white hits which I dont remember at all.

Perhaps its just a bug with LOS and hitboxes currently? If this remains the same it’s gonna change arena a WHOLE lot

This has been discussed some on the forum. Hitboxes weren’t normalized until Wotlk. In TBC tauren still had their noticably larger hitbox and they could indeed hit each other through pillars.

I dunno, watching any old TBC movie, like buddhist def. shows a different picture of how arenas behaved. But if you think this one was accurate eh. The pillar hugging meme has been around since TBC. If Pillars behaved that way in TBC there is no reason to hug em in the first place.

Here’s a video that was originally posted on warcraftmovies on July 12th, 2008 (TBC):

That’s without leeway being active.

Leeway has existed in the game since 2005 completely unmodified. It still exists in retail to this very day, with the exact same formula. Leeway is not a “Classic WoW” thing. Nor is leeway existing connected to spell batching in any way. Leeway is a World of Warcraft (regardless of retail or classic) thing and has been since 2005.

The only thing I truly want to see gone in TBC is Leeway and Spell batching - WoW Classic / The Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

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