The Night Elves are not abandoning Kalimdor

Kaileath already posted about this in Kaileath’s Amirdrassil thread, but I wanted to make this point clear as possible.

Wowhead also has an article about it:

Also solidifies Val’sharah’s relationship with the rest of the Night Elves.


If you watch they have used the same tech they made for the “adventurers” in the portal rooms. The visitors are scripted to come, and to leave regularly. It is really cool to watch.


I wonder if a night elf monk would hang out more with the misfits area with the DHs, mages and Undead or would hang out with the sentinels…

Honestly, this basically just leaves every doubt behind and anyone claiming night elves left Kalimdor after this can’t be argued with.


Considering the easy access to Darkshore, Feralas and Hyjal the Zone of Amirdrassil seems more of a Night Elven Capital than Teldrassil was.


It would be nice to see more Night Elf Monks. There was one in A Good War that Robert Brooks wrote going toe to toe with Saurfang and survived.


It’s all down to them fully embracing the Shen’dralar, portals are a lot more readily availible to the Kaldorei. It is good to see the place they won for themselves for their heroics during the war of thorns reflected in game.


I think this change is absolutely hilarious, because it means there’s a developer lurking these forums saying “$%&#@&%*, what will it take to get these bonkers NEFPAs to leave normal people alone? Will this do it?”


More likely they sort of had this planned from the start, but since the zone is WIP it wasnt implemented yet.


I am really glad Blizz is listening to concerns and trying to respond. These additions go a long way, and I’m glad they spent some time to add them.

I still would have preferred a) Amirdrassil being in Kalimdor and b) any night elf settlers returning to Kalimdor locations instead of this dream tree, but this is still a good development. Like, if BfA/SL was an F, this is a nice solid B.


I didnt know that, was the monk fighting bare handed?


    He swept upward, and would have split an elf in two had his target not jumped backward. But she did not retreat. She jumped at him so boldly that he did not have time to react. Her heel slammed just above his armor into his bare temple. Saurfang staggered back, bright stars in his vision. Only sheer will kept him conscious.

    She came after him again, her fists a blur. She is unarmed! But the pain in his head suggested that wasn’t quite true, was it? A monk’s hands and feet were weapons in their own right.


Neat. It’s astonishing how much better this arc feels with even cursory acknowledgements of the race’s Kalimdor holdings.


I get this is a fantasy world and blah blah blah.

But as someone who studies history as a hobby and plays Paradox strategy games, the Night Elf civilization with the addition of this tree is what we call “border gore”.

The Night Elves have some zones in Northern Kalimdor, have a presence in Feralas, Val’Sharah (I consider Val’sharah to be Nelf territory since the Horde got Highmountain and Suramar), and now an Island off the coast of the Dragon Isles. They’re so spread out, it’s such a weird civilization now and doesn’t make sense strategically or resource wise. I get there’s portals but portals lore wise are more complicated so idk if lorewise those portals are actually active 24/7. Which means they would need to constantly bring in supplies to support this growing city that isn’t connected to any of their other territories, and the Night Elf leadership being on the other side of the world from most of their territories. What happens if the Horde attack northern Kalimdor again?

There were so many changes in the governance of the Roman Empire from splitting the Empire in half or into fourths, or changing around where the capital was so that they could better respond to threats from the Persians or the Germans. This patchwork civilization just irks me.


That’s very relieving to see with the visitors and portals!

Now I’d just like a portal to Ashenvale too :eyes:


Ashenvale, Moonglade, the Emerald Dreamway and Val’sharah preferably.

To this day (especially during WoW’s anniversary events and trying to get to Taerar at Bough Shadow) I am irritated that there is a non-interactable portal in the Emerald Dreamway that has not been connected to Ashenvale for Druids players.

Though as the portals at Amirdrassil are being maintained by Mages, yes, a portal to Astranaar would be nice.


Literally so stupid. I don’t care how many portals they add, it should be in their ancestral lands in Kalimdor.


I hope this is treated as a proper night elf or atleast alliance city.


This is literally more love then any other race will see


It was about time

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