The Multibox Pendulum

I wanted to first thank you for taking the time to review my concerns/requests. Along with every other player I am aware of the recent changes to the input broadcasting software/hardware policy made by the developers. There is a large community was alienated and discarded by these changes even though the stated change was to mitigate botters and automation (bots are going to bot regardless of these changes).

I have been an active subscriber but not always an active player (we do take breaks lol) of World of Warcraft for a long time. I cannot even begin to describe how disappointed I am in the way that it is being managed. I have grown to really like the style of Multibox game play. This could have been handled in a much different fashion and I still have hope that your developers will come to their senses.

It is my opinion that the pendulum swung way to far. Anyone who multiboxes knows how challenging it is to push higher level content on your own with game play becoming more skilled over time, but we choose to do that because of that challenge and various other reasons such as personal time constraints. But you effectively took away the tools necessary to achieve this. It would be nice if Blizzard continued to allow the use of input broadcasting software/hardware and went after botters specifically.

I can only imagine there are so many other ways to do this other than the recent announcement. The ability to flag as a Multiboxer or have a separate set of rules when logged into multiple accounts. I do not think I ever enjoyed WoW as much as I did while multiboxing than at any other time and I find it very unfortunate this is the stance blizzard has taken. The developers of various broadcasting software have reached out to your company without response. I have read the input broadcast post in its entirety, and I know that multiboxing is still okay, but you have effectively removed our end game content which is sad.

For the record I am completely against PVP grieving but defending yourself if attacked first should be a no brainer. I am also against standstill farming. I also disagree that Multiboxing yields an economic advantage. If you have more characters, you need more resources to support those characters. You all need to do something different than you have. I really do wish a developer would see the overcorrection and make additional adjustments to the current policies. There is a better way! And I have faith in your team to be able to figure out that better way.

Paragraphs added sine it was a popular request.


holy wall of text batman!


Holy mountain of text, Batman. Use some spacing, my eyes are about to bleed from trying to look at that.

I multi-box every day still, don’t need input software/hardware to do it.


not gonna read that. :crazy_face: :smoking:


Tldr; OP is mad because he can’t raid or do keys by himself.



Get over it. You guys ruined the gaming experience of others players for more than a decade. It’s the best move Blizzard made in years. You ruined world PvP whenever you were around. You destroyed the farming market. Everything you guys touched went to poop.


Why not just spend the money you’d be spending on multiboxing to buy tokens? Then you can get three 252 item level pieces from the auction house, one 230, one 226, and a bunch of 200 pieces. Moving from item level 149 to 220 should certainly have the same effect, you will feel more powerful and have much more health on just one character. You can get a legendary from Torghast and enchants on all the gear you get. Then suddenly you are geared enough to do most things!

I know for a fact that mythic +15s can be completed at item level 230 with enough practice (because I and most people in the first weeks did that). If you are unwilling to work your way up, there are always carries, I suppose, which can also be bought with gold from tokens (but I recommend playing the game instead of paying to be run through it because it can be quite enjoyable).

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Many of us never took part in that.

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Once a man accused of not using any commas the judge said he was in for a long sentence


True statement.

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I see your point. It’s just not the style of game play I am looking for. IMO and a completely different topic is getting rid of Tokens. But I’ll save that for a different day.

Many, many more of you did.


I almost had a stroke reading that.

also, hard no.

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I guess that can be your perspective. Its like watching the news. Many go throughout their day w/o any issues but the negativity gets all the press.

Thanks for reading it at least.

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It doesn’t matter. Even if it was the few, the few ruined it for you. That’s the problem. MOST people are considerate and don’t aim to actively ruin the experience for other players… but some do. So you make the rules to get the few in check.

That said, there were TONS of multiboxers that were flooding the market with herbs and ore that made it tough for a single player to make gold. Completely destroyed the market. Now, once again, you can make decent gold off farming casually.


Ofc the guy whining about not being able to multibox throws out a wall of text


With all that is going on I can see Blizzard reverting broadcasting software ban. However they do not really read the forums…so…

You seem like a nice guy, you’re a credit to your people.

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Everyone knows the real endgame is multiboxing on the forums.