The meta problem, with screenshots you pretend don't exist

It’s me again!
This is from this afternoon. Thanks for understanding the problem, folks :slight_smile:

Wow devs saw this feedback and made changes the next day:

This is why it’s important to give good, honest feedback.

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Wow devs saw this feedback and made changes the next day:

Your ego is off the charts.

That’s still not going to displace priest.

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Wow devs saw this feedback and made changes the next day:

This is why it’s important to give good, honest feedback.

Theres always been a meta, it shifts almost every patch. People really just need to worry about improving their own play.

These screenshots dont prove what you think they do.

Wow devs saw my feedback and made changes the next day:

Me, Aug 21:

Them, Aug 22:

Looks like another example of my data driven feedback having profound effects.

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You think you were the only one with these ideas? lol.


Another update after all the nerfs which we all knew was not going to upset group comps, but boy do people love reminding me that they occured…
Reminder that the only way to avoid 3/4 of my consumable buffs rotting looking for group, just buff the dps of non bear tanks. That way everyone will see that any tank with appropriate gear/enchs/gems/io will do.

The below table is just last night; groups who declined me and waited around for bear tanks long enough that I could document as much data as I could before they filled:


You could fix BDK with tuning. Imho, they’re one of the most fun tanks right off the bat, it’s just that they don’t have enough DR for the damage of m+. It doesn’t matter that you can do heal 400k hps if you get globaled.

But that lack of dispel and group buff is a lot to overcome.

Exodia is stronger than the sum of its parts.

There is nothing to hide here, healing dk is a nightmare no matter is you are good dk or bad and you don’t need to heal bear+bear heals the group from just pressing their buttons.

Aaaand bear takes no dmg

The only time healers should be worried about the BDk is when he has no runic power. Beyond that, in the current state of tanks, BDks should be able to handle themselves. I love healing good BDks, Renewing Mist + EnvM on pull and then basically ignore them.

I’ve seen so many times as dk runs into a pack and dies in under two seconds, same with dh to be honest, but that will never happens with bear.

Guardian druids its hands down the best tank right now, stop coming out with excuses and mental gymnastics.

If your response is directed at me I don’t know what you’re talking about. I never said bears weren’t the best right now and I never said BDk couldn’t mess up and die instantly. I said I love healing BDk bc good ones require very little healing at all and that if a healer understands how BDk works they won’t panic over the HP bar. There is no mental gymnastics there.

I think the whole topic is frustrating for BDK, warr/monk maybe; and even an old chill dude like me is getting frustrated and seeing red where there is none.

My take is, BDK has the tools albeit some taken away since SL, but BDK clearly need more dps as a priority, no one can debate.
And the best defense is a good offense- more DPS means mobs die faster, means knowing I need fewer defensives. And means I’m getting invites to groups instead of being redheaded step-child because group members want someone they assume has high dps, all other metrics aside.
Meta tank in m+ has always been the highest dps tank first and foremost.

BDKs running in and dying means no DRW or even rune tap hehe.
(I saw a bear run in and die first pull 22 Underrot, I presume he was in wrong form :rofl: :rofl:)

I absolutely agree, and it’s not just tanks. A lot of specs need massive buffs to their DPS output. I really don’t understand why blizzard is so adverse to handing out buffs.

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I don’t see the point in pretending this is true. A guardian tank can overpull and die just as easily as anyone else. Happened twice in a Freehold I was healing yesterday. He calmed down after that…

I literally guffawed out loud. Not only does this happen all the time, it’s one of the hardest things to play around with the spec.

Bears have damage. That’s pretty much it. Their primary defensive has been propping up the spec for 3 expansions by turning damage into self absorbs. Preventing damage > healing damage, always. So when bear damage is good (like with our current OP set bonus) our survival is good. Coupled with perfect dovetail with Exodia with brez and curse dispel.

Don’t worry, though, season 3 they’ll bring back AV or something and our set bonus will revolve around swipe and bears will be crap again.

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As much as I don’t agree with this, especially coming from a 3200 bear, I’ll bite.

So you agree that buffing DPS for non-bears would be a major proponent in solving the meta gap.
Can you explicitly state that for devs viewing this thread?

Remember, Blizzard said it themselves during the Diablo 4 dumpster fire… balance is not a destination, it is a journey. They have given up on ever trying to have balance, so they are ok with balance always changing. It keeps people playing longer if they have to level/gearup a different class.