The Mead Hall - Khaz Modan RP

Welcome back to the Mead Hall!

You’ve probably seen us before - we’ve been around for a long time! While we took a break during Shadowlands (running weekly adventures, pubs, etc for years on end takes it out of you), we’re back and ramping things up!


The Mead Hall is a community, NOT a guild. Our events are hosted on Moon Guard, but other servers are more than welcome - just ask for an anchor! We’re all just here to play games and have fun, so don’t let what server something is hosted on bother you.

Anyone is welcome in the Mead Hall, although our events are focused on the Dwarves and Gnomes of Khaz Modan. Members of the Horde are not particularly welcome, although neutral characters (such as Kirin Tor, Argent Crusade, etc) are invited to share a drink with us!

Our rules can be summarized as: act like an adult. It’s really not that hard. For those that don’t understand how to act like an adult, our rules are in greater detail in our discord.

We are currently hosting three types of events: Pub Nights, Moots, and Titan Talks.

  • Pub Nights are casual RP nights, typically hosted in the Cask ‘n’ Anvil in Ironforge. Currently run every other Sunday at 6 PM WrA server time, anyone welcome in Ironforge is invited to come in, enjoy some free food and drink, and make some friends!

  • Moots are our big events, changing in location each time. These are hosted every other month, typically on a Saturday at 6 PM WrA server time. Moots typically have 3-4 games for attendees, ranging from dwarven drinking contests to gnomish crashin’ thrashin’ racer tournaments. No one has to participate in any games - you can just come by and get some free drinks!

  • Titan Talks are gatherings of Titan worshipers, those interested in the Titans, and just general Titanic gnerds to talk about the Titans, speculate on their purposes, and share recent discoveries. These are irregularly scheduled, held every once in a while when there are new things to discuss - or when folks express interest! These typically take an open forum format, in whatever cool (and safe) Titan-ish location we can find.

In the past, we have run weekly Mission Board style and full campaign style adventures. These may return if there is sufficient interest!

Here’s the part you can skip:

The Mead Hall originates from WrA, originally founded (or at least formalized) during the Warlords of Draenor expansion. We moved to MG during the Shadowlands expansion, and took a break shortly after.

The Cask ‘n’ Anvil, the pub in Ironforge, was named in honor of our pub night! Modarin ran the Cask ‘n’ Anvil for years, and a friend of ours (Fatmike of Wyrmrest Accord) petitioned Blizzard to have it properly named. Modarin still runs the Cask ‘n’ Anvil for the Mead Hall, but they’ve retired that character and now host it on Brewbeak.

Bathildis (Ironstout) runs the Ironstout Brewtent at Brewfest each year, and posts the nights it’ll be up in the in-game Mead Hall community! Bathildis also ran the Mithril Mug (AKA: Battlestein Brewpub, the Steel Pub, etc) for years in the back of Anvilmar. Maybe that’ll come back one day, but they deserve a break!

There are at least a half-dozen others worthy of mention in regards to the history of the Mead Hall, but I’m certain I’ve bored you enough. The cast and crew of the Hall are constantly changing, but our love for dwarves (and gnomes) remains the same! That cast and crew could include you, too - if you have ideas for dwarf or gnome events, or if you want to host events for the Hall, come talk to us!

Important Links
Join our discord at

The in-game community can be joined with this link

If anything above does not work, you have questions, concerns, etc - feel free to DM me on discord at “snowsteel” or reach out to any of our moderators in the discord.

Current Schedule
Cask ‘n’ Anvil - Every other Sunday (Next is Sunday, November 19th at 6 PM WrA server)

MOOT - Every other month, next is the GnOOOT on November 25th at 6 PM WrA server)

I hope you’ll share a drink with us, and we’ll see you in Azeroth!


The Cask ‘n’ Anvil opens its doors once more one week from today - Sunday, September 17th, at 6 PM WrA time! Join us in Ironforge for a night of free drinks, free food, and new friends! Dwarven hospitality at its finest!

On the 20th, Brewfest begins! Our favorite brewer, Bathildis Ironstout, will have their clan tent up at Brewfest on opening night - and various nights throughout Brewfest! Join the discord or the in-game community for exact dates and times.

Lastly, the best Moot of the year, the BREWMOOT!, is on Saturday, the 30th, at 6 PM WrA server! Join us there for games, competitions, drinks, and everything else that comes with Brewfest!

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I cry because my work schedule takes no prisoners.

This said, lets hope the Ally player base was not so -short- sighted and made time to attend.

There will be RP on opening night of Brewfest Wednesday 6pm WRA time! A lot of us will be hanging out around Brewfest all through out the holiday so feel free to stop by whenever to say hi!! I’ll try and post in the WRA project chat if I don’t forget! :dracthyr_love_animated:

Yooo! I cannot wait to see yall promote in WcP! As it is a discord for promoting WrA hosted events and charity events, are you going to be hosting some brewfest stuff on WrA? Or is there a charity I should look to donate too? :eyes:

Brewfest is here! Join the folks of the Mead Hall for a casual night of RP at the Brewfest Grounds outside Ironforge! Starting in about an hour, at 6 PM WrA server!

This is hosted on MG, so please ask for an anchor in the discord or in-game community - if you don’t have any luck there, whisper “Rufaic-MoonGuard” directly!


Had a great time seeing folks today!!

The Mead Hall and I’m going to call out Bathilidis specifically host a great time at Brewfest!! Don’t miss out! It’s my all time favorite and tons of great RP memories!!

A know a good number of folks are planning on going to brewfest here on WrA for a bit! So the hype is there! I cannot wait to get my yearly brewfest rps

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Brewfest is here! Bathildis Ironstout has her own brews on tap at Brewfest on intermittent nights - check with them or watch the Mead Hall for announcements for Brewfest stuff!

In one week, on September 30th at 6 PM WrA time, it’s the BrewMOOOOOOOOOOOT! It’s the best Moot of the year (because you can pregame at Brewfest with no one judging you)! Join us for free booze, a Drinking Contest, Tankard Basher, Brewsical Chairs, and a Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer tournament at the Brewfest grounds! If you aren’t at the Brewmoot, you might as well turn in your beard and gun!


Tonight at 6 PM WrA server time, join us at the Brewfest grounds for the best MOOOOOOT of the year! We’ve got four competitions tonight, and free booze for everyone! All friends of Khaz Modan are welcome - so I’ll see you there!

This is hosted on Moon Guard, so send a whisper to “Rufaic-MoonGuard” or ask for an anchor in the Mead Hall discord to get phased over!

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We’ve got three events for you in the coming weeks!

This Friday, 11/3, we’ve got a casual Titan Talk! As this is the day of Blizzcon, this is a very casual event - we’re just getting together to chat about the Titans! It’s an open forum, so anyone can come and ask (and answer) questions about the Titans, their Keepers, etc! 6 PM WrA time/8 PM MG time, in Valdrakken! Join the Mead Hall server for a detailed location and for an anchor if you need one!

This Sunday, 11/5, the Cask ‘n’ Anvil is open again! Free food and drink for those willing to make some new friends at the pub! 6 PM WrA/8 PM MG, in Ironforge!

Lastly, the GNOOOOOOOOT is coming up on 11/25 at 6 PM WrA/8 PM MG time, in Mechagon! This is our normal MOOT - but this time, we’re celebrating the closest and greatest allies of the dwarves, the Gnomes! It’s everything you’d expect from a normal Moot, just a bit more eccentric and mechanized! The drinks are still free, so don’t you worry about that!


While there’s no Cask ‘n’ Anvil tonight, there is one in one week! Join us in Ironforge on 11/19 at 6 PM WrA server for free food, drinks, and a chance at making some new friends!

And don’t forget, the GNOOOOOOOOOT is coming up! 11/25 at 6 PM WrA server, see us in Mechagon for a dwarf-style celebration of our closest friends - the gnomes!

These are hosted on Moon Guard, so poke us in the discord or whisper “Rufaic-MoonGuard” for an anchor!


Tonight is the Cask ‘n’ Anvil! Join us in Ironforge, right across from the flight master, at 6 PM WrA server for free food, drink, and good company!

Whisper “Rufaic-MoonGuard” for an anchor if you need one!

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I am a bit curious. Is Cask n Anvil likely to see happenings at the new Earthen Capital when we get to War Within?

I hope we see the cask regulars in Algar taverns. Id be surprised if we didnt. But The Cask ‘N’ Anvil is a bar in Ironforge! Named for our very own WrA Dwarvern rp community! (Which has sense moved cross server and is hosted on MG).

All in all The Cask is a building. I doubt itll move without gnomes. But i bet the Dwarves will host MOOOOOOOTS in Dun Algar.

Hey Lohkash!

I can’t speak with any certainty until we see the new zones, but there’s a good chance of it! If we can find a RP-friendly bar, we might alternate between the classic Cask and a new spot. We’ll definitely end up with a MOOOOOOOOT there sometime, though.

Hosting events in current content zones always has a little of bit of extra difficulty, so we’ll see how it ends up.


Tonight is the Cask ‘n’ Anvil! Join us in Ironforge, right across from the flightmaster, for free food, free drinks, and good friends!

This is our last Mead Hall event of the year - the Cask will reopen in January, and the MOOT will return on January 20th!

As always, if you need an anchor please whisper “Rufaic-MoonGuard”!

The Cask ‘n’ Anvil is opening for the first time in 2024 in one week!

Join us on the 14th at 6 PM WrA server time for free food, drinks, and a chance to make new friends!

Don’t forget that MOOOOOOOOOOOOOT is coming up again! January 20th in Thundermar! Meet us there to show off your strength in the games, and celebrate the Wildhammer clan with us!

If you need an anchor, join the in-game community or whisper “Rufaic-MoonGuard” close to event time!