The love rocket drop rate really is a slap in the face


But I have gotten a few variations of “OMG IT FINALLY DROPPED!!!” over the years.

But that’s just me, I guess.

this is the issue.

it can’t be farmed like other mounts.

there’s only a tiny window each year.

how many years is reasonable to not see it drop, when you’re actively doing as many runs possible each year?

Invincible drop rate is fine.
Everyone I know who has tried farming it, has obtained it.
The issue (once again) is that too many people who say they “farm” Invincible, don’t have the number of kills consistent with actually attempting to religiously farm it.

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Yeah, you already said that in several threads and this one…if you don’t like the fact that other players want this reward then just move on. We’re asking for improvements to this grind regarding gameplay, probabilities…etc, Devs already acknowledge these issues once, they could do it again.

There’s different kind of players and some players meta game is collecting, We just want a Goal that can be achieve and not a 100% RNG reward for a limited time event, maybe we won’t get any future change but at least we tried just like any player asking for class changes.

Exactly, If I don’t get it today, then 2 years since Devs implemented the first daily attempt, Who can provide me some certainty that won’t repeat for 4-8 more years?


Every time people have complained about the Love Is In The Air mount, I’ve noticed two things:

  1. They insist on calling it the love rocket (fair enough)
  2. And they insist on saying something about a slap in the face

I don’t really know what that means, but I couldn’t help but notice.

Also, Invincible is part of the BMAH, besides that the mount has been part of some anniversaries event drops.

In order to compare rewards based on RNG , we need to compare the drop % and the frequency of attempts.

it was?

i don’t remember that

there are masses of variables, and we still don’t know what:

means in terms of numbers.

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Exactly there’s some variables besides the drop %, its really difficult to compare 2 rewards based on RNG.

The most any reasonable person (i.e. one account) can farm the love rocket each year is 60 times a day, over 14 days that’s 840 attempts. Once only per day at a higher drop rate, then the remainder of the 826 attempts at the old 0.0003% drop rate.

That’s far from fair, especially considering any reasonable person is only ever going to do a handful of alts a day, if that. I see many people not even doing first chance of the day, and many who give up after a couple of days simply because it is 100% RNG.

If we compared this to any other RNG mount you would want to make it a minimum 1% every chance at least, if not more considering you only get 2 weeks to try.

IMHO, Devs should move on from Alts and provide better BLP for any players that use from 1 character to X amount of characters…for all RNG related rewards.

15th Anniversary as part of the Raids.

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Currency or BLP, anything else other than just pure RNG would be nice. Maybe a different type of currency per expansion. I don’t mean, and I doubt ANYONE means, that we want to get the mount in 3 attempts or degenerate farm some coins to get it in an hour.

I speak on behalf of any true mount farmer and say, none of us would care if it took years of farming to get enough BLP or currency to buy a mount or pet or mog of our choice, as long as we have clear goals on how long it could take to get the item.

Just got it today. It was my first run of the day, but also run 131 this event. 10x a day every day

Devs could even use the BLP from Legion legendaries…the drop % was increasing until at somepoint you got a legendary.

They lied about the drop chance increase or the drop rate got a few more zeros. I give up. I have a better chance of getting super powers irl at this point then getting that thing.


The issue is we know it was 1/3333 chance prior to the change, and like the Fallen Chargers “Three times drop rate increase”, no one knows what the increase is for the love rocket, they just told us they increased the chances for the first attempt each day, but to what?

Well, I’ve been farming the rocket since the 2010 revamp, so it’s been 14 years. I think that’s fine. Every year I make a go for, and it hasn’t panned out. It is what it is.

It also took me 750+ attempts to get Invincible, so I’m no stranger to bad rng.

if we can’t see that, we have no way of knowing.

regardless, that wasn’t the question.

It IS unreasonable to not see something drop after 14 years.

again, we can’t see that.

but you could farm that all year long, with the same drop chance each time, with characters which can be much lower level than required to queue for CCC.


Yes. It’s rare.

No, that’s our entire point we are trying to make, but there is always a handful of players being like “It’s rare”, our point is it should not be this rare, not on something you can only farm 2 weeks in each year.

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I think it should be this rare. I think that’s good for the game that some people have a cool elusive mount they get to show off.

i only got the drake armor from the boosted box yesterday