The LFG, and how 9.1.5 didn't upgrade it at all

9.1.5 promised to improve the LFG in myriad ways. While it did succeed in adding a couple long-desired features, such as being able to see the personal rating of others without having to hit up, or being able to browse groups while you have a posting of your own, for whatever reason it came at the cost of other features.

For example, you can no longer clearly tell what the person’s role is when you mouse over a listing. Say you’re trying to find a Retri pala teammate as Shadow Priest for some 2s. You mouse over a listing that seems appropriate, you join, then you get declined because you just applied to play with a Holy Pala. This comes from the fact that the LFG went from displaying role icons to displaying numbers (Members: (x/y/z)) and not only can people really easily miss it, but it can also be deceptive.

Another issue is the way you tried to combat advertising on the LFG. I’m sorry, but adding the Bnet Authenticator does nothing to suppress advertisements, it only punishes those who use the feature as it’s supposed to be used. What you need is proper moderation.

While being able to see someone’s CR is nice, I think it’s also important to let people see the applicant’s highest EXP of the previous season and the current season. While some might think that would enforce a certain degree of elitism, pugging has always been that way - people will always be more inclined to take in those for the most difficult content who have a proven track record of being a great player. Some might argue that “well how am I supposed to progress from the bottom up then”. I usually try to help as many people I can in PvP by coaching them, but I always recommend people to look up guilds and communities with like minded people. LFG more often than not is a hit or miss when it comes to finding teammates, so don’t be discouraged!

There is also an issue - in my eyes - with advertising things that aren’t boosting. I feel like it should be allowed for guilds and communities to get a different tab where they can advertise their… communities, to try to bring together as many like-minded people as possible.

One feature that people have also been asking for is to let players que for random BGs and the such while they have a listing in LFG or have applied to something on the LFG. Let people play yo game.


I agree with this as being something that should be important as looking people up over and over is annoying. I think as far as elitism goes its not that bad and should be people striving for pushing themselves.