The lack of a tank spec for evoker is really showing why this game is cutting corners

So you actually think Death Knights weren’t even thought of before the Activision merger? Which happened the same year Wotlk released?

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The idea of a hero class was activisions baseline for ‘money’, so they said. “we’ll advertsie a hero class a guy above the rest” - “But we already have a hero class” - “then start him at a higher level, and he will be seen as such”

It’s a pure money move, nothing more nothing less - appears you bought that agenda though.

Didn’t say that, I said labeling it as the ‘first official’ hero class yes. They had everything up to legion patented in 2008.

It’s all about the labels baby,

nike sells, coke sells, pepsi sells, your mom’s home made soda not so much. It’s ALL labels - DK was labelled the first hero class, which wasn’t true. Is what I said, nothing more nothing less. Paladins were the first real hero class by ALL definitions but 1 which was added to define a dk as a hero class for sales over a paladin. Otherwise they would of just lost the ‘new class’ and instead of it being ‘ooooo a new super badarse class’ it would of been.
‘oh a new class… cool’

Huge difference for sales and marketing. Only the best can rewrite a something old and call it original.

I mean there are plenty of hint’s in WOTLK, that proves that…

But then again we can get into the entire troll/night - elf debate too.

the xpac was in development for years before this merger was even a pipe dream. deathnights were a class in Warcraft, this guys is bonkers.

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Wait, how is it the person you quoted is the one that bought the agenda, when it’s you that is actually believing Activision, who didn’t even create the game.

Okay, I was going to break it down for you.
But honestly i’m kinda bored of this already. So I erased my message and wrote you this final one.

You have your ‘beliefs’, and I have my ‘knows’ I will leave it at that, as that kind of topic isn’t up for public discussion, you wanna know that info you find me in game not on a message board… I say this out of respect for all those involved, not out of disrespect for you.

I will be online tomorrow, come find me and i’ll tell you the parts your missing.

Your “knows” are actually “beliefs” and that is what is wrong with the world today.


Christ you’re still talking about this? Paladin isn’t and never was a hero class.

By all means though, show some proof.


Where was this energy when DH and DK had neither a range or a healing spec?

Both were well established and neither ranged nor healing made sense for them.

Well the red flight spec is dps instead of heals soooooooo yeah.

Relax evokers don’t need a tank spec

And Evoker is established as a ranged caster that can heal. The amount of energy people extend to this topic is unnecessary.

They just got made up. Absolutely no reason they couldn’t have been written to include all 4 roles so everyone could enjoy them.

I do not mind. I play some classes that are melee but I would never tank one.

They made up Frost, Unholy, Blood, Havoc, and I forget the other DH spec.

Dracthyr should have had more classes, but Evoker does not need a melee or a tank spec.

Even a geomancer based second dps spec would be nice. Earth magic has only 3 skills and none do damage. All are cooldown abilities.

I think they would of if they didnt run outa time. I honestly cant believe they managed to push out dragonflight with such a small beta.

It’s nuts how many folks complain about not having a tank spec they wouldn’t play anyway.


They probably did because the world devs finished early. Then the game balance/talents/class design character had to super rush last minute.

Yeah once you look past the flying mount gimmick of DF, it’s looking considerably content-lite for a launch patch. Their insistence on split dungeon availability for m+ season 1 already sends me messages that they’re trying to stretch what content they’ve got