The "item level Wall" is up...again

(Mastadôn) #21

War front, time walking, 4 Mythics.

Just to name 3 off the top of my head.

To be clear you do not have to be a huge iLevel if you are not taking part in harder content. There is nothing that says you have to be 408 iLevel. If you want a better iLevel build a friends list. Find people you like running plusses with.

Find a guild that does normal or Heroic raiding. This does not mean you need to leave your guild. Just find one that you can tag along with regularly.

When I came back to the game my guild was no longer a raiding guild. So I would pug runs in Niggthold (EN) as well towards the end.

Day one Tomb came out and cleared it on normal. That night went looking for a Heroic run. Got a group. Went with them Thursday as well. Then the next week. Etc.

I am an officer in that guild now. The responsibility is on you to push and find people to do the content with.


My Mage is 396 and has never set foot in a mythic done PvP or a raid beyond lfr.

It takes a long time but emissaries Darkshore warfront and the Darkshore world boss is all she’s done.

(Truebow) #23

I don’t care what item level i am as long as I can do what I wan’t to do , I don’t go on many raids , mainly because I am no going to sit in a Que for 40 min , I just do whatever i feel like doing when I log in , I guess that’s why i have 14 character +110 with 6 at 120 :slight_smile:


Don’t worry OP. It won’t be long before Blizzard says “Tired of raiding? Tired of not being able to get into a raid? No problem, we got you covered! Now you can buy an unlimited amount of raid level gear and trinkets in our game store! Yes for a small amount of gold, you too can impress your friends and wear raid gear at normal, heroic, or mythic levels!”

(Plytofski) #25

We’ve said this for years, and its been known about for years. Throwing more loot at players just changes the expectations, and some people will always expect more loot.


It won’t be long before we have an actual loot pinata that we just hit with a stick several times per day to get legendary gear.

I don’t blame OP for not wanting to sit through queues for raids, because what is the point? You can achieve very near the level of gear as a heroic raider just through world quests and warfronts. This is Blizz’s fault.

My question for the OP is why do you want better gear? If you’re not running mythics and raids or doing rated BGs/arena, what would you theoretically be doing with that better gear? Why do you need it?

(Ravenbella) #27

If players want to be involved in more activities (raids, M+, BGs) Why don’t they join a guild?


Speaking for me personally, I’ve been in dozens, possibly even hundreds of guilds on various servers with various characters. That isn’t an exaggeration. The last one I had that provided me with any meaningful progression options was during WotLK.

(Ravenbella) #29

I recently have had 3 new members join my guild and we have run M+ to help them gear and 2 of them raided with us last night. That is only after being in the guild one week.

Sorry, you have had bad experiences with guilds.

(Plytofski) #30

The guilds that send you invites when guild-less or freely recruit you out of trade chat are just no good. They’re full of people who have no real cohesive goal and are often so bloated with people that you cant form any meaningful bonds or groups. Also the quality of players in those guilds are quite low.


You completed the solo part of the game. It’s time to get social and begin participating in group content by building a network or joining a guild. That is the next step to your characters power progression.

(Eternosus) #32

Could you clarify what “opportunities” you are seeking that require higher gear, do not themselves reward gear and can’t wait until the next tier?

(Leafblight) #33

I like how you don’t log on your actual toon. Loot is easier to get now than ever before. You don’t have to wait in the queue for 45 minutes, push your own key. You get free 400 ilvl gear every 3 weeks from the warfront and emissaries are 385 base and can forge higher. Complete at least a 10 each week and you can purchase a 415 azerite piece on average every other week.

If people are consistently leaving your key groups halfway thru then you need to get better. That means you’re the common factor and thus the problem.

(Nostalgic) #34

why would they let you get high ilvl through solo content tho

they cant create challenging solo content so it would pretty much just be for free?
why play the game at that point

(Turbocharged) #35

Dont worry, next week items raise in ilevel.


I have one of every class at cap and some duplicates. The one I’m on right now, and numerous others, is 396 and I do no non-queueable group content on this (or most of them) aside from the Mythic Dungeon weekly quest when it comes up. I don’t think any of my alts are below 380 and many are low to mid 390’s.

Emissaries scale up to 385 and can forge. Without seeing your mage the assumption is most gear will be an upgrade from that based upon your declared ilvl.

Weekly quests can award 385 or 400 ilvl gear. Timewalking is normal so 385 ilvl. The 4x Mythic dungeon one is easy to do in pug M0’s (I often do them this way as the group finder is flooded with them when the quest is up) and awards 400 ilvl.

Then there’s Darkshore Warfront Completion/Boss each cycle that award 400 ilvl gear.

If your mage is alliance there’s also the 385 Against Overwhelming Odds quest that comes up every ~3 weeks or so.

Weekly conquest cap reward, presuming you kept up with it, is awarding 400 ilvl gear and rotating through every slot at this point. It also results in the pvp chest reward weekly if you complete it.

There are lots of avenues that require no/minimal group activity that do not include trying to push M+ or raiding to get item progression.

Once you get to 395ish the options reduce a lot. Then you only have the warfront 400’s and the Mythic dungeon event for possible rewards. But don’t let the trolls who are saying, “you don’t do content so why do you need gear!?!?!” get to you. They don’t realize that those sources of progression are content for people who aren’t doing organized group content.

(Cairnage) #37

All these responses of players who play WoW, the MMORPG that decided you should be able to solo almost everything, complaining a player want to solo.

You all sound like EQ no lifers complaining about WoW players in 2004.


It’s not trolling, it’s a legitimate question. The OP’s post makes no sense. He says better gear is needed to get more opportunities, but says that he doesn’t want to do mythics, pre-made raids, or PvP. So… the logical question would be what are these other opportunities he wants to do with theoretically better gear than can be obtained through solo content.

(Spotti) #39

Next reset the ilvl goes up so you’ll be able to get a higher ilvl I guess. But to get ‘‘opportunities’’ has ilvl be only a fraction of things people tend to look at and if you plan on any end game content, pug more accurately, then you have to adapt to the content you do plan to run… ilvl alone rarely does the trick… you’d essentially need Mythic level gear and offering that outside of Mythic raiding is a possibility but honestly silly.

It’s an MMO, it’s supposed to heavily rely on group content. Just saying. And this is coming from a very big solo-player in any game.

(Stompypotato) #40


I am 390 and have only done the LFR for the war campaign. Did one 5 man alliance side for the dark iron and no pvp.

Also I have heard, although yet to experience it, that emissaries have a chance to warforge gear beyond 400 now.