The "item level Wall" is up...again


So, my mage is ilvl 381. Getting beyond that requires, A) Mythic runs, or B) pre-made raids, or C) grinding BGs/PvP.

All of these rely too heavily on other players. I wait on average 45min to join Mythic group (somebody always leaves half-way through, it seems). Raids–same deal just longer wait. BGs/PvP is a s***show. The WQs and Assaults give duplicate items.

Since higher gear is needed to get more opportunities, here I sit yet again behind the ilvl wall. Every expansion it seems. Or, by the time I can purchase high end gear (gold, medals, etc.) a new season starts and I’m back behind the wall.

Are there other methods I’m missing that avail higher level gear?

(Adorbs) #2

Only world bosses and monthly quest for warfronts.

But it sounds like you don’t even want to do the content you’re trying to gear up for.

(Mairil) #3

That’s how it works. You need premade for end game. It’s an MMO after all.


You’re past the “solo” acquired ilvl gear. From here on out, you’re going to need to be social


Yeah I had the same question. He wants gear with a higher ilvl - but doesn’t seem to need it for anything he’s interested in doing.


Wait, so let me get this straight.

Are you asking for raid quality gear from pure solo content?

It’s honestly easiest ever in history of WoW for casual players to get all the way up to heroic raid level gear (400).

(Elenstelle) #7

This is an MMO after all. Not Skyrim.

(Mokrawr) #8

You can break past that but it will take a bit of time. I’m 396equipped/398overall as a solo player. The only slightly organized thing I have done in BFA would be running M0 during the bonus weekend. I’ve also done Darkshore/Ivus every time it’s been available.

I’ve got 5 alts with similar item levels and they didn’t benefit from the BFA Dungeon bonus.

Your going to get a lot of duplicates, but just keep grinding those emissaries and make sure you’re doing Ivus/Darkshore every time it’s available and you’ll be able to get close to 400 ilvl.


There’s a point to be made about the community, it’s perception of certain classes, and the tendency to require experience (read when trying to get into group content that rewards gear which would push a player over the wall.

That being said OP, this is ultimately a social game, and doing group content is the ideal path for gear. If you, uh, linked/posted on this mage, possibly could give you pointers on which items are most easily upgraded.

(Jalanilí) #10

Mmmmmm my three most-played characters are all between 390-393 just with the odd warforge/titanforge emissary, world boss, warfront or LFR reward. It’s definitely possible to slowly pick your way up there, it’s just not fast by any means.

Don’t worry though, with iLvl scaling it’s not like better gear is going to do you a whole lot of good with that content anyway. It doesn’t scale 100% all the way up, but it’s a moving target, better gear is more a matter of shaving seconds, not minutes, off of world quests.


Plays an MMO.

Complains progression requires working with other players.

Next on the news, Burglar petitions government to remove locks from safes for being unfair to his work.


Well, I think the problem with that statement is “trying to get into”. That mindset is relying on others to bring you to their key runs.

I raised a new alt entirely by running my own keys. In just 3 weeks that alt is ilv404 and 900 IO purely from running my own M+ runs.
Start group, choose your own players, raise your key. That’s the more healthy (and less depressing) way of character progression!

(Hrumn) #13

He says “these rely too heavily on other players” and gives examples of what he means. That is not, in any way, shape or form, a statement that he doesn’t want to play with other players.

He then says he needs higher gear to get “more opportunities.” That is not in any way, shape, or form a statement that he doesn’t want to do content.

He’s clearly expressing frustration that he wants to do more, needs better gear to get more chances to do more (access), and that trying to get groups for M+ and raids has been frustrating because of the time it takes to get in, compounded by the tendency of people to leave.

(Shadina) #14

Simple solution. Find a guild.


If you don’t want to do group content, why do you need gear from group content?

Building up ilvls is very fast these days. I’ve been 120 for less than a week and I’m already 395. Just push your own key, run with friends/guildies, do the warfront boss, and/or pug normal bod and you’ll quickly blow past that “wall”.

(Neocleo) #16

Honestly this is not a post I expected to see considering that this xpac has been a veritable loot pinata. Still, I will always recommend joining a guild for all the obvious reasons but the most important one is that everything is a lot more fun with buds. Good luck!

(Shadina) #17

This is putting it lightly. The game vomits loot at people.

(Kirela) #18

Yes. Either network so that you can run with the same people (add people to bnet or find/start a community) or find a guild.


as others have said it’s not a quick process but there’s still more room to go. I’ve only ever done the warfronts and the world boss as repeated content and got to 396 solo


Join a guild, and do guild runs? So much self-entitlement out there today.