The horde need new characters

And I think the Zandalari can help with alot of that. Characters like Kaja, Rakera, Talanji, Raal and Loti are all a nice bonus to the cast of horde characters that is drawing dangerously small after we lost 4 leaders through the course of bfa. What other good new characters could bolster our ranks? This goes out to my fellow horde players here on the forum. Let me hear your ideas for NEW horde characters that replace the ones we lost.


I want to hear more about Zekhan as I believe he’s got potential to be a good prominent character.


Let’s hope he’s treated better than Vol’jinn was.


Take your pick on unused characters


Ganoosh for next Forsaken leader.

God, I hope Thura gains some ground. Knowing what Blizzard did to Saurfang, I know it would probably just end horribly, but female orcs are so cool, and the only female orc characters of note right now are either attached to Thrall to be a personality-void baby dispenser (Aggra), attached to Thrall as a bizarre personality-void time echo (Geya’rah), or…Garona. She’s okay, but not exactly Horde-aligned or relevant to the present story. Plus her hair is horrible.

Oh, almost forgot about Draka. In her case, Thrall was attached to her.


I vote for Nisha.

She will led the Horde back to glory.


I want love for the night born cast as well as new and old not-liadrin sindorei like Taethelan bloodwatcher.


Only if he stops gushing over Saurfang.
And please no kiss jokes to Talanji.

Yenniku was always a weird case for me. Because in the original quest we learned he wasn’t Vol’jins son and then he was forgotten.


At least with the Forsaken, we’ve a lot already that could just use some characterization.

The Black Bride, Faranell, Lydon, Helcular, Shadowmaster Kiryn, Aelthalyste, Commander Belmont, hell I’d take Christoph Walker but only if he has a throwaway gag line about a father’s watch.


Y’all leaving out best orc


Vol’jin’s children should have gotten attention before now and should have taken over for the Darkspear. Thura definitely should be present, Saurfang was possibily that last remaining member of her family. Why wasn’t she there with him during his rebellion? Blizz had so many characters that they could use but they forget about them and create new ones to further fuel highly unnecessary retcons and haphazard storylines.


I feel like Thura was thrown to the wayside the moment they decided the Axe of Cenarius wasn’t important enough to be used in Legion. Which continues to suck to this day.

Which is a damn shame cause I really liked her in the Stormrage book.


The very axe that hurt Sargaras wasn’t important enough to use in the expansion about the legion, how stupid. If they didn’t want to make the axe a legendary weapon they they should have included Thura.

Although, in my opinion that axe really should have been Jarod’s if the time travelers weren’t involved.

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I would say I always hated this nonsense. But… Legion then happened… Ok I still hate it.


I don’t disagree with you. In truth, I feel as though that was really just a way to glorify Broxigar and less about the axe. If Cenarius can create a weapon that can damage a titan how can he be killed by fel blood orcs? This is what happens when you don’t think of any how new retconned lore impacts the current and past stories.


Unfortunately, they’re missing their chance in Legion with Vol’jin’s passing, BfA when we visit Zandalar, and Shadowlands as Vol’jin is getting revenge.

(Sadly I haven’t seen Vol’jin in that dungeon.)

They’ve recently begun making bad rosters. Even in Shadowlands if we consider Turalyon will remain in Stormwind as he lets Alleria and another Anduin fight Sylvanas’s forces in Icecrown.

This is just sad. Do they know their own characters?

Alleria and Vereesa or just Alleria?

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It was my understanding that Anduin (along with Jaina, Baine, and Thrall) were abducted and thrown into the Maw before or during the sudden Scourge invasion.


In general the Horde needs to be fleshed out, it’s imo the factions biggest issue outside of villain batting.