The Great Push is Expanding for Shadowlands Season 4!

Please stop… pushing… esports and put your resources into content for us loyal customers. Thanks


How about no? Kill esports, its damaging wow dungeon design. Most of us don’t care so bad you needed a title reward to get people to watch. That should be a huge red flag that esports and wow doesn’t mix. Never did.


These dungeons are content.

They’re just building an esports event on top of them.

These dungeons are literally based on non-timed casual content. There’s no hint of esports design in them. In fact, a number of them are badly designed for M+ / MDI - most M+ers think this dungeon pool is a joke.


It’ll be the WoD dungeons no doubt. I can just imagine Grimrail’s stupid train with sanguine and storming.

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Don’t forget quaking.

And spiteful, volcanic, explosive. Even necrotic with no room to kite.

When are you going to realize you not reaching out to the base…Nothing up updates for High end mythic dungeons and Raids nothing for the rest of the 99% of the game. I enjoy world content get out in the “beautiful” world. Nothing for casuals as always.

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Wow esports lol.

Maybe this one can make it all the way to 3k viewers


I think this is a better concept than watching people who play WoW professionally/semi-professionally speedrun 22s. Of course Echo is gonna faceroll a sub-25 when they’re timing 32s.

Does need a rename though.


MDI lost all of its appeal to me when I started timing higher keys. So like back in season 2. TGP or bust IMO.

Only problem with TGP is that they haven’t found the perfect elimination format for it. I like it being a bit slower but not where there’s hours of nothing happening because they have to level up keys.

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Not even going to bribe people with a title this time?

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Blizzard only bribes people when they know the viewer count will be low.

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Can’t wait to spam /spit in the dead stream chat.


It is clear that these developers have moved away from making a good game and are focused only on the less than 1% who really care about something like this.

I also agree, that the name is terrible.


And…nobody cares.

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What? This is done on the Tournament realm. You buy everything from a bunch of vendors set up in Oribos.

Push out that baby, mama! One last push, the great push! Five more minutes of pain for a lifetime of happiness!

I love your game (most of the time), but can we just all agree WoW should not be an eSport? Are you going to put WoW on maintenance mode like HOTS because it fails to pick up traction in the space?


You’re mistaken if you think the MS deal will go through. There are already EU countries saying they will be investigating and approval is not certain.

It’s a good possibility.

When they balance classes based on an activity that only a very small portion of your subscribers are interested in, I mean I think you got 150k views, you are squandering our subscription fees yet again.

It’s like you are rolling the rng dice hoping for a ‘big hit’.

When are you going to realize you killed the rpg part of the game and the folks who found that important have all but abandoned your game by the millions. The ionization of wow lost you billions in potential revenue.

Just like your supposed classic servers, create separate servers for this minuscule portion of your subscribers and let the folks who really pay you to play this game have some fun.

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There’s very little reason it won’t go through.

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