The Graphics War

I, for one, couldn’t care less if there was a toggle or not. I will be using as much of the old graphics as possible, but understand the want for the new.

That said, it would most likely delay the game, so no thanks.

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And in retail just the opposite happened.
When they removed the old graphics for good the forums were full of “gimme a toggle” Started in Legion when they removed the old NE models.

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Omg lol another one of these posts.
Its NEVER going to happen so no point in discussing it haha.


Dont quote me but I believe there is a lot more that goes into giving a character a new model. Skeleton creations and stuff like that. Im no expert in the field but anyways new models shouldn’t be in classic. Like many have said go play retail if you want shiny disney like models. Classic doesnt need to cater to a demand like a toggle for updated models, waste of resources…that effort is better spent getting classic right.

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Only way I’d be okay with it is if we wouldn’t have to see the horrible new character animations. Even then I’m still largely against it.

I can imagine one of the reasons being a 1:1 parallel between assets isn’t available. A lot of the new high res models aren’t just reskins, but entirely new models. Stormwind, too, for instance, was like a movie set - with 2d walls. Using new building models would mean rebuilding the city by hand.

Same deal with the trees; their shapes are pretty crude models in classic, and in the retail client they tightened things up; it’s less chunky. This ties into the way we used to do wall climbing and such, so it just wouldn’t work.

If you’re just talking about the character models, however, idk on that. Probably easiest to just keep it strictly classic.

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I mean, so are you so that kinda ruins your argument up front.


I don’t know if it’s that complicated. There is a whole WOW skin / texture mod community out there that make custom .MPQ files available to use in servers that shall not be named.

It’s as simple as dropping in the new .MPQ in place of the old ones…BOOM, you have new druid models, warlock pet models, character models in Vanilla & TBC clients

This is obviously not allowed for official Blizz servers…but they could make alternate .MPQ packages to use programatically.

If it’s a hitbox or technical issue…fine, done with it. That said, 2 taurrens can melee each other from 15 yards away, but that’s classic

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Isn’t this your 5th thread on the same topic?

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As someone who is primarily a PC gamer, one of the things I love about the platform is that there are usually far more options in the games (especially once mods are taken into account). I think it would be pretty neat for players to have the option to select different looks, as this is not affecting social aspects or gameplay. *Caveat being that the original models always are available and this doesn’t in any way delay the release of the game.

Even if not, I’d like if Blizzard would at least allow players to mod their character skins (as long as they aren’t doing stuff like changing flag sizes for advantages in battle grounds as once happened).

All this being said, I gotta hand it to the Classic Dev team. While playing the beta, I’ve been thinking the game looks totally fantastic.

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I would like a toggle also, but if they mentiond it wasn’t feesable due to tech issue x/y/z that’s fine but if it is doable then there is no problem what so ever. Most of the anti toggle views are coming from the same people demanding no addons


Well did they ever give a reason why they don’t have both available on retail ?

Graphics war sounds like an exaggeration. More like toggle demonstration.

I think most that don’t want new graphics think it will take away from the experience, they want that perfectly preserved, in a glass bubble on the dusty shelf experience… which isn’t possible. We already know everything there is to know about classic now, we’ve had 15 years to perfect guides. Also think of that quote from Ironman: “I’m limited by the technology of my time…”. What made the original classic, classic, had a lot to do with the time in which it was released, and how potato we were playing it. But I’ve had 15+ years to hone my keyboard turning, backpedaling, and mouse-clicking skills. Heck ya I’m excited for classic, and I’m excited for it to be as close to the original experience as possible, but when it comes to graphics, I totally embrace the idea of the new graphics, because my experience is already going to be different this time. Same with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, it was great re-experiencing that game. However, having already played the original and all subsequent games, it was not the graphics that changed my experience.

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There’s no war. There’s no battle. It’s decided already and it’s a good reasonable balance that reasonable people are OK with.


This isn’t a war. Stop acting like Drama Kings and Queens when players disagree with what you want. They are allowed to disagree as much as you are allowed to post a opinion.

Ignore Players that act like angry toddlers and move on.

It did work. They removed it because they didn’t have to code for two seperate Graphics.

At some point, as they updated graphics, they simply stopped coding for the older versions and cut out the toggle.

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If it was as easy as you are thinking then it would be in Retail today. I am sure that it would effect Classic many ways the we can know because we don’t have access to the source code.

But the number one reason is because it doesn’t belong in Classic. There are many people asking for just one little thing to be added. If you start adding everyone’s one tiny thing then you eventually have BfA. Yeah, that’s how we got that garbage heap.

I want to play classic for the gameplay, not it’s graphics. Bringing in modern graphics will compliment the core gameplay of classic tenfold.

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Wasn’t there already another thread for this…