The GDKP Workaround

The new Microsoft AI will sort out what is legit and what is not don’t worry.

I feel like if you go with the “disperse gold at the end of the raid” model of how gdkp works now it will be treated like a gdkp regardless of whether you /roll items. People paying money, then people having gold dispersed at the end of the run probably looks a lot like gdkp in terms of automated detection.

Paid boosts where you carry a guy and then it goes into a gbank is probably the only accepted way to sell gear.

how will paid boosts not get banned exactly?


i think having 2 accounts will become the req
so you can dual log and just trade the gold on one while still raiding on the other


X Raid item traded for X gold/items… Flagged…

where does the gold go after you’re done with the other account?

Go ahead and test it. I don’t care.

Yeah cuz that’s not obvious at all

not my fault you can’t understand what “up to” means

I fully understand what it means. Go ahead and see.

Because they’re not illegal. They literally just aren’t against the rules at all and in no way fit the definition of gold bids.

“i’m wrong”

alright at least we know now

The interesting part is Blizzard going to track all gold transfers now?

It said in the blue post (I believe) that they had means of knowing… whatever that means.

wtf is this mysterious new “Microsoft AI” that is suddenly going to swoop in and be able to detect all the bots, RMTers, and GDKPers with its deus ex machina algorithms? Have they mentioned anything like this being added as a resource for customer support?

They always have. They literally own the DB and can audit it.

gold boosts and gold soft reserves are against the rules:



You seem to be confusing me with someone who said it is always a permanent ban.

you responded to me saying u will get a slap on the wrist with

either you don’t understand what up to means or u are just replying to me with something that u know is wrong for no reason

Items aren’t exchanged for gold in a boost. Gold is exchanged for the service of clearing the dungeon. And then loot may or may not drop.

We have already done this exact same song and dance in Retail when they banned escrow (pay into a pot and then the pot is dispersed at the end). As long as you don’t do that it’s fine to boost.

What if they remove master looter, no trades inside the instance, and gear is soulbound once you leave the instance.