The Future of Warcraft Announcements -- Dragonflight

What are your thoughts about the announcement trailer, and the overall themes of the coming Dragonflight expansion?


Yall crushing it with this stuff! talent tree is huge! CANNOT wait to play and check out all the talent tree and dragon customization! New race AND class! FINALLY profession changes!


Ok so first off… this looks INCREDIBLE.

I love hearing there is a talent revamp coming, can’t wait to explore the new trees, but based off the visual that was shown they look like a Hybrid model of what we have now and the early versions of the game. I’m really looking forward to the small changes that can be made over the course of leveling and min/maxing.

The dragon customizations had my guild discord SPAMMING in all caps. They look phenomenal. Love to see how much customization will be available right away. Flying right away as well is a very welcome change.

I can’t wait to hear more!!!


Trailer is great as always. Blizzard does a fantastic job with cinematics.


  • How to train your dragon = fun to customize a mount.
  • Flying from the START of the expansion - Very happy about that.
  • New dragon race is great along with the new class. I like it and will be making one.
  • Zones looks beautiful and will be a nice change form the Maw and Korthia.
  • Customization of the dragon race looks great too right now.
  • New work order crafting system to connect players with a crafter is great! I like it. A LOT. Going to also reduce in-game scams and fraud. This is casual friendly too. It gives me a reason to level crafting and log in as a pro crafter - and if I want something made, I don’t have to be in a guild to get someone OR risk the trade chat strangers.
  • Like having the talent tree back. Meaningful choice as leveling is good.
  • Not removing progress between expansions is also a good move.

Player housing and ability to craft furniture/decor where?
Announcers are…lackluster. Please hire Metzen to do them again or someone else engaging.

runs to watch deep dive


My very first comment is that honestly, I had no idea how refreshing and hopeful it would be to simply hear that the world is healing. After years of worse and worse calamities, cataclysms and catastrophes and… it just felt nice. It was a good moment.

Really happy about bringing back actual talent trees and the focus on professions. (And did I hear this correctly, AH work orders? :eyes: Exciting!)


I hope the talent tree will be easy to understand. And not “one way” to put skill point and nothing more. More possibility for more build.

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Pretty excited in general! Love that we’re back on Azeroth. Can’t wait to start giving feedback on all the various topics as we get closer to public testing.

My personal highlight so far is dragonriding. It looks amazing and I’m hoping it feels just as good as it looks! Very happy it is available right off the bat, uh, dragon, as well. Glad the Tuskarr are back as well! Refreshed UI sounds great as well. And this is mostly an assumption or maybe I just haven’t seen it, but I don’t see any borrowed power-like system yet.

Now, in all honesty, I am secretly hoping for some more features/QoL stuff that haven’t been mentioned yet. So far, it feels somewhat light and a bunch of things players expected/hoped for (e.g. cross-faction guilds, player housing, etc) are nowhere to be seen. In the specific case of x-faction guilds I’m sure there’s a bit of feedback/system development to go through in 9.2.5, so it might be being saved up for later on and maybe a future patch.


Agreed. SO very tired of division and disaster.

Not sure if it uses the AH or another system, but yes! Pretty excited about that too.


Basic thoughts (I couldn’t sleep so I haven’t had much sleep)

Drak’thyr - I’m kind of annoyed that they are built on the Worgen Skeleton to be blunt. This gives Horde access to a core alliance race’s skeleton without giving Alliance access to one in return. Core skeletons are usually kept faction-specific, and when one is given, there’s usually an equal exchange. (Like Void Elves and Nightborne)

Not only that, but it comes off very lazy. It’d be one thing if it was just the posture, but a lot of the animations are shared as well, and it was noticeable as someone who does play Worgen.

Evoker - I’m glad they’re mail class. On one hand, I like that they’re only ranged/healer, but at the same time, it feels weird that a class that turns into a dragon can’t tank and they don’t use their claws to melee. (I don’t want them to have those specs, it just feels like an odd class to use for no melee/tank)

Talent Trees - This was a leak that made me go “I will quit if it’s real” but then new pictures came up and made me re-evaluate that thought. However, this is a slippery slope to me. It’s very easy for it to feel like instead of making us stronger, it will feel like you stole power from us, just so you could make us spec into it to gain it back, and we won’t be able to get it all, so inherently, we’ll feel overall weaker.

UI - I hope the option to retain the current UI is given. The new UI is not something that I am interested in. If I wanted it, I would’ve installed an addon for that.

AH Work Orders sound great. I’m interested to see how that works.



:duck: :duck: :duck: :duck: :duck: :duck: :duck: :duck: :duck:


Pretty hyped on my part.

I love dragons as a general theme, and it feels a huge part of the Warcraft universe that everyone loves. I really hope that the dragon zone from Northrend gets something out of it, it’s a perfect occasion to have it revamped.

The talent tree seems encouraging. It’s probably going to be though to balance between the simplicity and customizability, but the change of context may bring some new ideas and opportunities.

Mounts upgrades are very welcomed. Even if it’s only limited to the dragons for now, I really much would like to see the things backported to other mounts as well (or if it’s too much work on the mounts added from now on), both for customization of appearance (which would clear up space in the mount journal for recolors) and for movement sets (dive bombs, sprints, etc).

I’m think that levels going up to 70 may be a disputable move. I understand that it’s what has always been this way, but crunching numbers each extension has many advantages, amongst which is that content don’t deprecate as much: you don’t have to rebalance each dungeon each expansion if you want them available for keystones, you can level in each zone the same way, etc.

Ui revamp is great. Waiting to see more of it, the current basic interface is pretty usable so far with a few basic addons (MRT and WA comes to mind as the absolute winners), but I’m dreaming of not even needing them.

Okay so my thoughts are incredibly scattered.
One, I’ll eat my hat (which doesn’t exist) because I was certain after the class halls we would never have another new class.

Two, I love the new race. My gripe is that, thus far, it looks like the build of the draconids is very set. What I like about dragons is that they can choose their form over any race. For roleplayers, their choice for roleplaying as a dragon is to do so under the guise of an elf. I want so much to be able to blend the new race with the aesthetics of our other races- goblins, tauren, dwarves, gnomes!

Three, I am very interested in the new evocator class! I do hope that the aesthetic of it can be married to the race’s aesthetic well- it could be very disorienting to see a blue draconid using a green dragon’s nature-oriented spells. This could be a good opportunity for glyphs, more quests akin to the warlock’s fel fire quest, or cosmetic items similar to the Vulperas’ Bag of Tricks (that is, collecting drops from old raids and such to change the appearance of your tricks).

Four, I love how the Dragon Isles look! I hope there are plenty of scenic places to roleplay in and not have to slaughter everything in my path to do so!


I loved the trailer and the Dragonflight theme. I’m so excited for a world that’s healing <3

Really excited to see PVP talent trees and PVE talent trees this will be amazing


I’m sure in time more information will come out as the expansion progresses. While overall was very refreshing, I am concerned by such a lack of content discussions or features. Usually in previous expansion announcements, we’d get at the very least what the plans were with what the main forms of content will be.

New talent system if done right will be awesome and dragon riding seems like it has potential. But is there anything outside of raids or mythic dungeons? Are there any other features? I’m surprised more wasn’t discussed about ideas/plans.


The trailer was something else. We’re so used to seeing fan favorite characters fight or pose around, so it was a great change to have a bit of a silent story going around, with our good watcher friend going on a journey. It felt very thematically appropriate to the theme of exploration, too!

Obviously it looks absolutely gorgeous - I’m never disappointed by the cinematics. It’s gotten me pretty excited!


Love the trailer and love the excitement everyone was showing camera! Having devs be able to talk about and show off what they made is amazing to see!

I eagerly await for the more info around the systems and features. I am not a huge fan of dragons, but it is a nice change.

The professions update is great, cant wait to see more info about those and give it a try!

The new dragon mount, I really hope there are some robotic options for us robotic / engineering enthusiasts

New race / class is always welcome but it would take a lot for me to change my main, but I will level an alt for sure

Oh and the new talent tree, I really hope there are a few builds / path that are optimal as I don’t want everyone basically restricted to one good build

Disappointed by no Goblin Monk reveal…yet :grin:

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Brilliant, could not be happier!

  • New Adventure, New Class and playable Race! Exactly what we need to reinvigorate people’s love for the game!

  • Talent system which takes the positives of Classic and has a consistent impact as you level, I was amazed this was not implemented immediately after the success of Classic WoW.

  • Zones which are bright and beautiful; that people with no knowledge of the storyline find appealing, unlike The Maw for example.

  • Introduction of mount abilities which hopefully will lead towards further development on vehicles/equippable items in PvP and more mount customization as people love that.

  • Flying from the start of the expansion, a massive positive provided the questlines are not easily cheesed as a result!

  • The New Class seems to be unique which will be exciting to try out, as opposed to if you’d have simply made it a mage with wings.

  • Living and playing in the world we know and enjoy! Potential to tie questlines to other well known areas within Azeroth!

I hope we see improvements to the systems we use to play such as the Premade Finder as they’re improving the UI drastically, did you know you can’t even copy and paste a description when listing up a group? I like to make my group stand out by writing a creative description, usually putting 100% ENTHUSIASM etc and stating whether it’s progressive or carefree play.

I will show those dragons the might of the dwarves, For The Alliance :smiley:

Seems fine but frankly I cannot get excited until we know more about the player day-to-day gameplay and endgame systems. I was expecting more details from the stream today. The flashy new features are cool and all but ultimately they don’t retain players if the players are spending their time in the Maw for example. Was hoping for a lot more, but I suppose the answers will come in time.