The Fallen Protectors @ Siege of Orgrimmar


Tried resetting using this method and it does not work.

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This is also happening to our Discord on all difficulties. Sun is technically also bugged as she only summons 1 of the 3 adds, similar to Rook with his problem with adds.

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Devs check the bug report forums but they don’t reply unless they need more info. It’s not really a two-way conversation. For that you can open a ticket, but someone upthread said they did and the GM had passed it on to devs, so probably not a good use of your time to make another.


same here, two go into stasis and won’t come out, no adds to kill to bring them out.

I found you can reset the fight by climbing as high as u can on the stairs, then falling off the left edge back into the arena. resets for some reason.


as i found fast way to reset i’ve been doing the fight repeatedly to see what’s going on, as others have said… Sun at 66% only summons one add “embodied despair” and NOT “embodied desperation” so her phase never ends. haven’t bothered trying the same to see on rook i’m assuming similar issue. fight broke with last nights patch for some reason, i wanted to farm garroshes shoulders still:(


killed it just now


It can be done on Mythic, you just have to hit them extremely hard so they die before their add phase, which is easier said than done. I did it on my rogue (397 outlaw) popping all my CDs and i think it still barelly worked. Lets hope it gets fixed soon so it works normally.


did they fix it or do i still need to wait, i encountered the bug last night, i tried for almost 3 hours to nuke them in all different ways, same affect, but i just tried 5 minutes ago, and it doesn’t seem like it is fixed. or maybe i’m not nuking them fast enough idk but its aggravating

EDIT: maybe because i’m trying it on mythic… idk i tried the other difficulties last night and it didn’t work.


Yeah I wouldnt say its fixed, so I advice to wait until fix to go back to farming that instance.

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Yup same thing with me. Sun and Rook get stuck and He is the only one I can attack in an endless loop. Just did this yesterday before reset and it worked fine.

Really wish we’d get some kinda post from Blizzard letting us know they’re aware of the issue and will be rolling out a fix. After all, there’s quite a few bugs in these older raids that have gone unfixed for months/years.


no idea why its suddenly bugged now, it worked since this week reset.


I managed to get through them as a 410 Arms warrior, i used Sapphire of Brilliance, Battle-Scarred Augmented Rune, [Battle Shout], [Avatar],[Everchill Anchor] then heroic leaped on top of them and cast Warbreaker and Bladestorm. It took 5 tries but it finally worked.


Ive been attempting this boss on Mythic as solo and ive dropped all their health at the same time but the third guy just becomes non attackable and the other 2 (he softfoot and Sun tender) just keep regenerating their HP even after i kill them… I tried to get another alt in so its not solo incase that was causing the bugg but made no difference, still stuck on it. quite annoying if you ask me, worked fine for me before this weeks reset.


As of right now with the bug if you don’t down all 3 at once and any of them do that self cast you have to reset. As a warrior i can heroic leap out of the encounter and try again.

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hey GJ blizz, literally the only reason I stay subbed is to run my weekly raids, I guess you make the decision to unsub very easy


Is it still bugged? Has anyone tried it recently?


It appears to still be bugged


Just ran this right before posting on Mythic difficulty. I killed the other two Pandarians inside the sha bubble and when i went to kill ‘He Softfoot’ he just drops to 1 hp, goes orange …then he heals and fights me again. Rinse and repeat, I couldn’t die, report stuck, hearth, or anything so I had to alt-f4 the game.


This bug occured for me as well. I cleared SOO early tuesday morning before the reset then after the reset fallen protectors became unresponsive except He who entered a loop of attacking and regenerating from 1.


I just completed it! I killed He Sotfoot first untill he pop up bond of the golden lotus and I reduced the hp of the others 2 and after that I killed all 3. But before that I just reseted the fight be jumping were lorewalker cho was no idea if reseting helped cause I never tried to only focus He Sotfoot only.