The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

This is the future of creativity, where players and real life events decide what happens? I thought the creative process was about writing what came from what is inside, your passion, your drive. Not what the loudest person yelling at you “I don’t like this” had to say.

There are always going to be people demanding you to change your creative work and if this is going to be the road you go down, well be prepared to change WoW forever.


I want it too. Where’s void elf tattoos?

See, why couldn’t you guys just address this weeks ago when you first started censoring things?

So far, the only real censorship I’ve had a problem with is the Big Love Rocket, and the removal of emotes. People are more than capable of completely disabling emotes from showing if they get offended by people doing things like /kiss, lick, whistle, etc. at them. On top of that, you state you made some emotes just not affect the player, so why did you not do that to things like /kick, where you could’ve just been “X kicks the air.” or such, instead of outright removing it.

And Big Love Rocket NEEDS to be changed back. That’s just it. The name is not offensive in the least.

As for diversifying things like Medivh and Illidan’s harem with male models, I’m perfectly okay with that. I’d much rather you diversify than remove.


Congratulations Warlocks! Show those shirtless guy demons with pride.

whew. you had me worried for a bit. this is welcome news

How about you fix the sexual harassment in the workplace and treat your employees right before making this game World of Wokecraft?

A lot of these changes, no, this censoring, is beyond stupid and counter productive to moving things forward with the game.


LAUGHS IN WORGEN I mean, for over a decade the fanbase have been telling you how we wish to represent ourselves in the game. You have not only taken AWAY options from us, you flat out IGNORE us because many people of the race identify themselves as furries. You’ve seen on the various threads the amount of harassment players get for playing anthropomorphic races and being deemed degenerates/sexual perverts that participate in salacious acts with animals irl (Which is not what furries actually do btw).


Disappointed in that decision. Bikini / lingerie armor doesn’t belong in a fantasy game where we battle to the death. It serves no purpose other than to objectify female characters. This was the perfect opportunity to update that type of armor and make those items look the same way they do on male characters. It still isn’t too late, you can still make the right choice and actually strive to be a better more inclusive company.


Bro, you need to stop pretending this is a clap-back. Alex Afrasabi and Jay Allen Brack have been fired. The Cosby Crew has been gutted. You’re three steps behind the conversation.


Well, you’ve now lost a 16 year player and i will never come back. I was holding out on 10.0, but i won’t now. I know I’m nothing but a drop in the ocean to you, but I’m gonna speak with my wallet.


Also, I’m enjoying how hypocritical some of you are being right now.

You made thread after thread about how the players weren’t affected, the employees were, but when Blizzard makes a post explaining these changes are from INTERNAL SURVEYS from employees, you are up in arms still.


how about the years of almost all Worgen players asking for tails, can we get this finally?


i agree with this. should have the option which appearance you want - same as male or original look.

in what universe is the “big love rocket” punching down?

i’m pretty amazed at how willing blizzard is to show off that they do not understand appropriate boundaries. no wonder the studio’s name is synonymous with “hostile work environment.”

to clarify:
-mild crude humor in a game is acceptable
-making crude/inappropriate comments to coworkers is not acceptable

i suggest the devs study the above bullet points before posting any more. embarrassing.


Why don’t you act on the feedback you’ve gotten in recent time to you know, not do many of these things? Honestly in the past 16 years how many players have complained about the things being changed in the game? They’ve been in the game this long and for someone like me who has been here since the beginning its cool to still see certain art and elements in the game. To now see these things changed after all this time is just a total disappointment and just further pushes me away from the game that has been part of my life for a very long time. This year may very well be the last one I continue my journey in WoW. I don’t like the path the game is taking now. It makes me worry about WoW’s future, not become excited for it.


Curious to know if that’s one of the things they’re inferring when they said this while talking about player expression:


Actually that’s bare minimum. Obviously you haven’t kept up with the ongoing investigations and the things that have been stated by current employees of what’s been going on.

Nice try bud.


I’m hoping dude. Folks have been wanting more revealing male options for years. It’s nice that we can hide everything, but it’s better if it’s revealing armor.

Like that’s pure fantasy stuff.


Would be nice to see more opposite gender demons and creatures for more stuff TBH.

While I see this is a good sentiment. Please be mindful that not all elements and not all jokes need to be for ALL people at the same time.

There’s some jokes or elements that might not be for me, that I don’t get the punchline, and that’s fine.

Something that isn’t directly offensive and doesn’t bring down anyone, but isn’t necessarily funny for everyone is not a problem.

Of course that implies that there should jokes for different people in different scenarios, rather than try only “one size-fits all” ones.

Please be mindful of this and don’t go overboard.


They’re doing this not for the players but as damage control for their employees, current or potential.


I saw the edit pretty funny. I think were done here. Just like the twitter machine you are far too gone to be reasonable anymore. You love your corporations more than your fellow human beings and that is okay that is the way society is trending right now. Get those crumbs boy!

Normally within a scandal environment especially within a large organization leadership usually will lay out a game plan of what they are going to do before they actually go ahead and do it. Unfortunately we as the pay pigs we are are not privvy to this information beforehand, so basically if that organization wants to do something they do it.

So this is there Think and Act. Then they observe. If feedback is quiet they simply do nothing. If it is loud then they make a statement, because they practice do now and apologize later approach. This is something common that some businesses will even do with shareholders most of the time.

Anyway I know its not going to make much sense to you because you obviously haven’t been part of a business as anyone actually important so you don’t have the same mindset to actually see how things actually are because of the blizzard veil obscures so much.

I for one just don’t want to see wow become the new abandoned project like HOTS. Again as someone who pays for their sub on multiple accounts and also has stock in Blizz/Activision (don’t worry I let them know how I feel off the forums too they know full well how I feel.) it is okay for me to say “hey some actual communication beforehand would be great instead of just doing it and then asking for forgiveness.” and after a time if I become unhappy enough I would just stop paying. This is how the consumer/company relationship actually works.

Again you should also be okay with people voicing their opinions on how blizzard decides to communicate with their consumers at a time like this. It looks like all you do is pvp which pvp is in the worst state it has ever been (minus the hour long matches season) however there are some people that do all facets of the content and are unhappy with how blizzard communicates. It is either tone deaf or too late.

This whole " think and observe the situation before you speak. " when applied to blizzard. They take too long to think. They take too long to observe. They take to long to speak. You can’t even argue against that.

Again sorry. I know you are far too gone to actually be reasoned with and I know you barely even know what’s going on you just wanna play your little game every now and then and not have to think about much else.

I will leave you to your simple life collecting those crumbs.