The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

Not impressed that after we find out that some men were disgusting dirtbags, they got rid of a bunch of silly humor (in game). The silly humor was awesome and was less offensive than turning women into fruit.


Sorry Blizz removed my last reply so what does that mean? Rewrite it of course :slight_smile:

TikTok profiles you as you look at content and tailors the videos you see to what you’ve looked at. As my friend says “We’re on different sides of TikTok” :rofl:

They likely just live an alternative lifestyle and it’s best not to try to understand the phrase out of context :slight_smile:

Work on making retail good instead of this nonsense.


It really doesn’t matter. The point is, that if things keep happening, there’s always a (high) chance that they will quickly forget their promise.

After all, they’ve ignored their own promises before, and back then they didn’t have as strong reasons to do so.


Please stop making stupid changes like this. No one is asking for this. Stop censoring the past and the old art of the game. Just make retail better. Leave the old stuff alone and stop removing things.


Give worgens more options! After 8.1.5 hits, we will have the least possible options to choose from compared to even all the other allied races. You’re focusing right now on Allied Races, which is awesome, but us Worgens and Male Blood Elves as well still have very little options out of the core races. And before you say “You got human options too”. A HUGE chunk of us play for the Worgen form itself, not human. I never touch my human form at all.

As a Worgen Death Knight, literally all I got was a couple new fur color options. That’s it. If I wasn’t a dk then I would get just eye color and fur color options. Very very little new options compared to all the other options everyone else got this expansion.

Here’s a mega thread for Worgens you can choose ideas from. :slight_smile:

If you want a idea on what to add in, you should give Worgens a tail option which will give them a unique option to pick from! Here’s also a huge thread with many people supporting a tail option. Almost hitting 8k replies!



I love this so much and I’m excited for what the future holds :blush:

Would you call farming a mount, title, or achievement as customization of your character? If so, they’ve already changed that stuff.

…LOL. That will never happen. Biology and the animal kingdom say hi. Do you mean “gender” instead?

Wrong. They did it AFTER we complained enough. They realized they couldn’t be radio silent with changes and that probably lead to sub losses too with how people hate censorship.


It would be great if they could focus on real issues with the game. You know, the things that are actually pushing players away.


Japan is literally the king of censorship. Their pornography is censored.

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You’re making bad choices that make you look absolutely ridiculous. Get Anita off the team and get back to making mature games not marketed to 5 year olds.


No one asked for this. Stop ruining the game blizzard.


Yeah I think that’s a better word to describe what I mean. My point there was removing paintings of women, mentions of women, etc make things feel less inclusive but it’s clear that’s not what they’re going for.

I honestly believe after the statement they released the devs have changed a few things that were probably added by the sexual assaulters at work and possibly even used as jokes by them as well. So I don’t think they’re doing it for “woke culture” or anything because adding in an incubus and changing a few things to include males rather than all ladies does make sense and make things more interesting.

I do think the emotes are a bit much though but assuming what I said above is true I can understand the other changes.


Thanks for the transparency. Many will believe this is excessive or insufficient, but frankly those extremists will never be satisfied.

All I can say is that equality cannot equal chastity. WoW’s initial art was inspired by the likes of Frank Frazetta and such, so showiness and idealistic physiques is essential— let’s just keep it equal. Incubus is a choice that demonstrates that we’re willing to retain the maturity level of the game, so let’s follow up:

  • Maintain gendered worldbuilding as needed, but just balance it out (ie Incubus)
  • Add modest and showy armors that affect males/females similarly
  • Keep making crude jokes, just ensure they don’t attack real groups of people
  • Put story characters on equal footing and allow them to use full range T-rated language

The truth is that World of Warcraft needs more world and more war in it. That said, a fantasy world with injustice in it does not need to perpetuate real-world injustice. Let’s be reasonable: to “fix” this stuff requires MORE content, and in only some select situations modification or removal of previous content.


“We want to ensure that we’re offering a wide range of options for players to represent themselves.”

If this is true please consider making common gear transmogable! too many unique and recolor models are locked unavailable to players because of this!


I’m glad that Blizzard finally decided to step forward and say something about this entire matter. I appreciate that and so too do others I am sure. That being said, I am saddened that it came only after 2 or so full weeks of the forums being in utter melt-down mode.

What is done is done however, and here follows my feedback.

You can start with that by applying the company policy dealing with not permitting NPCs named after employees or real world figures, equally and to all people, regardless of who they are.

Right now there is an NPC in Maldraxxus named after a real world individual who said several rather uncouth things about a specific group of human beings; which many of your players through no fault of their own were born as. Such an NPC is a violation of your company’s professed policy of no NPCs named after real world figures /employees.

You speak of ensuring that jokes not punch down. Might I submit that any even borderline racist or disparaging slur is ‘punching down’ regardless of which side engages in it, or what nationality is targeted?

Show us that you apply the rules equally, and that such mentalities are considered regressive and unwelcome. Show us that in your vision of inclusion, is a place where all people are welcomed, appreciated and respected, not just minorities that dog-whistle the loudest for specific representations (ie: the continual Wranduin demand threads). Show players that they still have a place and are welcome in the community you want to build back better.

Additionally, there was a WoW Developer who insinuated that any player asking about updates to WoW was the real problem. From a PR stand-point I’d submit that such a statement, and the timing of it couldn’t of been worse.

It simply served to breed even further resentment from an already angry playerbase against the company. Because of that, it might be a good idea to require all employees working for your company to disable social media while they are a part of the company or confine dialogue to a private family / friends groups.

The desire isn’t to squelch dialogue, but rather to help mitigate situations where you as a company having to deal with bad press from an employee voicing their personal opinion and alienating customers. This is a major reason I refuse to use Social Media. The propensity for offending ‘someone’ is just too high.

In any event, if you do that I believe you will win back many of the players they drove off.

Players are going to hold you to that, but on the whole I think this is a solid thing and if you do stick with this as your go to policy it can only improve the game. More options are always better than fewer.

Some of the emotes such as /moan /lick /spit, sure. I am totally on board with and understand why removing them is good. They are unnecessary and you don’t see them in other MMOs. However a bigger issue right now that I see Blizzard lagging behind in, is moderation.

The next big step that I would recommend you take, deals with player harassment. I am not fond of the name, but I must use him once. Mr. Gold or Rumple, is who I will refer to him as.

He went to Final Fantasy XIV.

As soon as he did so, a very toxic individual used her social media platform to attempt to run him off the game, and made threats toward any player who was caught helping him, threatening to likewise run them off of the game. In a game based on community and group activities, one’s reputation is everything and slander cannot be tolerated; period.

Everything she did was calibrated to harm another player, in a place that she perceived she was unassailable; and in a way that circumvented the blacklist of FFXIV or it’s equivalent in WoW, the ignore feature.

This problem has nothing to do with Rumplestiltskin but everything to do with the fact that the exact same behavior is playing out right now in WoW regularly. Square-Enix was exemplary in how they ended the attacks of the Evil Queen upon Rumple / Mr. Gold.

The Dark One though he might be, is still entitled to the same protections just like any other player in a game. Square applied that mentality of equal protection under the law in it’s handling of the matter.

Square investigated, went to the Evil Queen’s social media page, saw the wrong-doing that she was bragging about enacting, and once they realized which player had done this (something you also can achieve with an IP check), they banned the player for ongoing harassment.

When she then in turn ranted about Square banning her for her initiatives in attacking Rumple; they increased the severity of her bans and warned her to stop or face account closure. That finally convinced her to exist within the rules of the company.

That is how you deal with the toxicity of the forums and bring sanity back to the Community. I would recommend that Blizzard consider implementing the same stringent policies that Square-Enix does, and enacting them immediately. As a former moderator on other venues, I have found it is only when individuals feel they could be in jeopardy for unscrupulous conduct that they will behave.

But the thing is, your going to have to do this with equal enforcement. If it appears only one side or group is consistently hammered, and another group is given a pass; you’ll alienate players faster than the last 3 months have.

I firmly believe Blizzard can build back and be better than it ever was before. But if we the players and you the Developers are to do so, it must be built on the most solid of foundations, with emphasis on communication and respect from both parties.

This post is a good start.

My dream and hope is that you will be able to create a company where all people are welcome, whether they are a traditional majority or a minority seeking inclusion.

My hope is that when members of EITHER group punch down to the other side, the aggressor is punished with an equal application of the rules being employed regardless of ‘who’ it is, or what they identify as.

As always I wish you the very best in your endeavors. That is my feedback.


Nah, this rampant puritanism and anti-feminism–by pretending any mention or implication of sex is bad–is unacceptable.

Stuff like this seriously kills a lot of the interest I have in continuing to play WoW.


I wanna be a shadowhunter also troll beards

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