The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

A woman killed herself because you exploited and bullied her into believing there is no escape.
There is no punishment that can make up for what you did. Removing all sex jokes and innuendos from the game is a punishment on the players, not yourselves. Absolutely disgusting.


Patch 10.0 World of Kumbayacraft
Shadowlands gets retconned to Time Out Lands. Where no one has actually died but have been sitting in time out


Half the core races are still missing their heritage armor, Blizzard. Any updates on that?


Utterly cringe and pathetic


When we’re looking at one side spending about a year screeching “THEY’RE COMING FOR OUR MOGS” with nothing ever happening while the other side spent a year not actually coming for our mogs and saying they’ll continue to not come for our mogs, yeah, I’ll admit that side B sounds more believable, at least in this particular case.

Although I don’t agree with the changes, it’s understandable with recents law issues. I just hope you consider this topic too

By the way, don’t forget too currently we’re in Shadowlands and would be great getting new content and not just changes of old expansions


neither does he…

I don’t think I can say the words I wish I could say to the people at Blizzard for these changes. Only thing I can say is you’re definitely not my favorite company anymore.


Does your teams goals include fun meaningful content that isn’t a time sink? Values that include respecting their time as well by chance?


lol no that is money. goblins were always right.

Alot of people gave up on WoW and Blizzard recently and it has little to do with lawsuit.


I’m surprised so many are buying into their “promise” of not going after transmog.

Have you all forgotten that this is Blizzard and how many times they’ve gone back on their own words?

Is this wishful thinking from the players? It feels like it.


You personally are lesser just by posing this question. Defending a corporation that only knows you exist by your credit card info sure shows you have your priorities in check.

I already said enjoy your crumbs. You do you essentially.

One of their employees will be caught on a zoom call not wearing pants. There goes tmogs…


Exactly what I was thinking.

The fact that this is coming right after the info of the settlement came out it’s telling, but I wonder if things will sail smoothly considering no one is happy with the settlement already.

This roller coaster is showing no sign of slowing down, so, if another big dip comes in, I certainly won’t be surprised if they quickly forget about this “promise”.


Does this mean Disney is really taking over our beloved game…uGG

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I do indeed do me.

I will assume you are using the “royal you” and addressing the group and not me specifically. I am not anywhere near that important.

You have no idea what I personally do, nor do you have any idea what my particular priorities are. I am just another random nobody on a game forum spouting my views, as are we all.

I appreciate the heads up with this announcement and hopefully even better news will follow in time.


Sadly Midare sheep are asleep at the wheel. Driving into oblivion laughing all the way. They have decided to forget how many times Blizzard lied about Sylvanas and what she was doing? The Promise they make is only in your face but behind the player base they have other plans in the works. I am going to laugh so hard when the transmog get trashed and removed and replaced with the World of Wokecraft Black burka for females and NPC turned into bowels of fruit.

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can you like… stop stuffing up the game and fix your inhouse problems FIRST. These changes are tone deaf and these PR statements are insulting. START LISTENING TO THE PLAYERS


I appreciate the communication, and I appreciate that it seems that an effort is being made to branch out and include both genders for some of the recent changes rather than just wiping the slate totally clean for no good reason…

… but I still can’t get behind the vast majority of what’s going on here.
The intent is clear even if the result is “new” stuff in some cases.

The game itself was literally never an issue. The workplace at the BLIZZARD OFFICES was the issue. Correct your own internal issues as best you can, and leave it at that. There was zero outcry for the type of changes being made here and over the last month or two. Zero.

This feels like how big Oil companies and such try to shift responsibility for the environment / Climate Change onto individuals as if literally 95% of the issue doesn’t lie with what major corporations and governments are doing.

The quest text was not doing the cube crawling.
A zone/city name is not a problematic employee.
An emote didn’t make an employee kill herself.