The Dreadmaul and Thaurissan realms will join the Frostmourne realm

too little too late

A threeway realm combination :wink: . I’m kinda happy as I’m on Dreadmaul and might be able to do some actual raiding.

Are Dreadmaul and Thaurissan horde realms? that would be interesting, finally some balance to faction power.

Heh. No luck, even with the merge, Allies are 13k to Horde 2k plus

This is the best thing Blizz could have done - i left Deadmaul horde toons and xfered to alliance frosty. Finally i will have horde and alliance toons on the same server shard!

Thaurissan definitely looks to be a horde server.

Thaurissan Horde player here, yes it very much is a Horde dominated server, so it will be great to have the balance restored.