Thaurissan/Dreadmaul - Low Population

Blizzard, can we please be connected to another server group, or be offered free transfers off this rock to a med-high population OCE server? The low population is making it very difficult to find players, especially when people keep quitting once a raid tier is cleared.

According to raider dot io (it won’t allow me to post a link), our server group’s Heroic progression has 14 guilds who are attempting Heroic EP - we don’t even get a page 2. Mythic progression, there are 6 guilds attempting it.

Some of our guild members have gone so far as to join Frostmourne Alliance because it has been so quiet - and I don’t blame them.

If you implement either of these options I’ll buy the Epic edition of Shadowlands and an additional store mount.

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Couldn’t agree more. It makes it very difficult to enjoy the game outside of M+, as it’s almost impossible to find new people for raid teams and the like.
Not to mention the economy is trash cause nothing ever sells, and more people are constantly leaving due to the server being inactive.

Try being alliance on the server…

My friend plays on dreadmaul as alliance has for years.
It so dead on that server blizz needs to fix it. it