The Dragonflight 10.0.5 Content Update Is Now Live!

Can’t even get the cloak Legendary appearance effect we worked so hard for in MOP, so instead, they turned it into a stupid toy with a CD and a random chance to get an appearance :grimacing:. Can’t even add quivers too… they still got Hunters pulling arrows out of thin air… and they can’t use effects on their weapons :grimacing:. I thought this was an MMO (RPG). :zipper_mouth_face: Mobile and Indie games have more RPG elements then this game…


Meh… gj doing barely anything we asked for besides turning the on button on for grey n whites


No way! A day after my B-day!


So I guess completing class design for Dragonflight is being pushed back to 10.1?

Really sick of the class team kicking the can down the road over and over again. Strap them to their desks until they finish, please.

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10.1 in March would be catastrophic. I’m not even done with my conq set yet, I want at least 5-6 months of not having to deal with this garbage.


Hide pants transmog when

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So I did a quick pass at the white loot.

First, white gear still honors armor class so you’ll need to buy cloth for your clothie, etc. Gear that has no armor assigned to it (typically holiday gear) CAN’T be learnable by anyone. If you earned the piece from the holiday, you’ll be told “learned but from another item” but that old, white “Purple Festive Outfit” won’t be learnable.

Items that I had issues with: haliscan outfit, the holiday outfits, tuxedo pants.

You do not have learned your original starter gear. You will need to re-acquire them. There is a vendor in the Old Hillsbarad Foothills dungeon that sells those sets, aside from Monk and Night Elf Mage (which is a blue version of the purple Alliance Mage starter set, and boy am I mad I didn’t grab that when I had the chance).

The AH is going to be insane with grey gear, and the vanilla zones should be nuts with people farming grey gear for personal and resell use. Just be kind to new players in those zones, as you decimate the local populations.

My request from Blizzard: Make it easy for us to get those old-vanilla starter sets, and maybe next time, instead of generic gear, maybe a resolution refresh of those original designs would be strategic. I cannot stress enough how having race- and class-specific appearances makes WoW unique. You (Blizzard) don’t lean into it often, but when you do, those efforts should be treasured.

EDIT: As of Jan 13, 2023 Wowhead is reporting the starter sets are available for purchase from the following vendors:



  • Cloth - Ollanus, Magar’s Cloth Goods in The Drag

  • Leather - Morgum, Kodohide Leatherworkers in The Drag

  • Mail - Sana, Naros’ Armory in Valley of Strength

  • Plate - Naros, Naros’ Armory in Valley of Strength

So thank you, Blizzard, for thinking of us old veteran players.

Secondly, please just let us learn our holiday white gear. We did the work already. We should benefit from that.

Third: if gear has no armor set to it, then any class should be able to learn it. Fair’s fair.

In any event, happy hunting and don’t rush. You don’t want to end up soul binding gear on a toon that can’t learn it.


Can’t wait to get all of these flying mounts that I can’t fly with in Dragonflight.


I for one am shocked, that a video game company wants to sell their video game.


wow. Nice cadence…

Compare it with Shadowlands and its already a great improvement


Im expecting it to hit April 4th !

We will see

Hurray! So excited! :fox_face:

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Nothing that interests me but bigger than the usual .5 patches.


That’d be great. There’s a lot of “backpack” mogs that already hide sheathed weapons so no reason why they can’t just go ahead and have it as a standalone option.

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Are we going to have do redo old quests for White Items with new characters??

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Gimme stuff! :face_in_clouds:

Always felt like there should be log-in rewards. We do pay for them after all. Lookin forward to all this


The amount of complaining in this topic is unreal. No wonder they don’t talk much on here.


Same! Bday buddies! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

I have a lot of alts to roll just to get that white/gray mog lol.


Yeah the forums are a toxic cesspool, GD especially.

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On one hand, this is cool.

On the other hand, I’m extremely upset that you guys literally delayed the Creation Catalyst until a mid-season content patch when it should’ve been out several weeks ago.