The devs don't care

I mean honestly, how much staff interaction do you see on the DH forums? I just see people trying to really point out the mistakes and offer really good feedback, and they are TOTALLY ignored!


One thing, the developers (actual people doing coding) are almost certainly not allowed to communicate with you directly under any circumstances. Definitely not allowed to post on the forums. The people you communicate with, the people you see posting on the forums are support personal by one name or another. We communicate with Support not Developers.

I don’t work for Blizzard, but I do work in Support right now for a software vendor. Recently a customer asked for security related information that was pretty complex and might cause issues with our product. However it happened that I’ve twenty years experience in that area and was able to provide an answer I know will work.

Could I give the customer that answer?


Oh, and if you think no communication is bad. Imagine a situation where the Blizzard Support is required to post something in our forums on a set period. If you think you’re mad now that, consider if you’d just had twelve months of, “Thank you for your feedback,” posts every week.

I bet if you just make one more post it’ll all get better.


The devs don’t really post on any class forum, and don’t take any meaningful feedback from here. They don’t care.

What if we just say we identify as Druids? Then Blizz will HAVE to give us attention!

Pretty sure some earlier said that we’re gonna be the last class to get our talents, I want to hope that its good stuff I want to believe that, but I just don’t have that kind of expectation right now

I’m hoping it’s good stuff and it’s a lot of changes that require more work but most likely it’s not. All the class talents released so far are getting changes based on community feedback so the later ours get released the less time they get to fix it from feedback. But then again they ignore all dh feedback anyways so I guess it doesn’t really matter =)

What is the point of getting upset over something that hasn’t happened yet? If your class gets shafted, then get mad. Being pre-mad just punished you.

Thank you for attending my TED talk.

the clas is bad since the Shadowlands beta.
waiting 2 years to wait for a miserable buff is nothing

Well blizzard removed this post i made because people got hurt in thir feelings got offended and flagged it. But wouldn’t happen because well just reference my above post

This being linked over the CC thread so that in hopes we get something from Blizzard in terms of Communication