The Death of Retail PVP

I played on pvp servers back in cata and thought they were just fine, and they would be fine if one was available today. If there were less pvp servers, there wouldn’t be as much imbalance either

Emerald Dream was a big RP-PvP server to fit all the people who also wanted RP. It had RP events between guilds who settled battles with blades instead of dice.

It doesn’t create content to have someone fly down, blow you up, and fly away. It doesn’t create content to try and beg to other players to have them travel over to scare this player off.

Perfectly fine with that, I play on classic RP-PVP server. Just don’t want to hear people complain no one leaves the city because there isn’t a reason beyond getting ganked. No complaining there is not enough players to run WoD dungeons on your server.

Warmode in BFA was peak, they rewarded players to be out in the world doing PvP. The incursion events when Horde or Alliance came into the others territory, gave extra quests and rewards for WPvP. There was fun unique places to fight, the battle shifted aling coasts and up mountains. It was the golden moments of Tauren Mill versus SouthShore, cept when I did it was mostly Wyrmrest (Horde) facing off against Alliance (Moonguard) with some Emerald Dream players in the mix.

It was so amazing an epic and fun. But it ended, not because of cross server, but the rewards were farmed. People got what they wanted out of the area, and stop doing them. AND THEN WE GOT N’ZOTH TOY AND GOT TO BECOME AN ELDRITCH JUGGERNAUT AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!

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Custom servers would be the death of wow. The playerbase would be split among dozens of servers with only a handful of players on them.

PvP servers were already dead when they implemented warmode.

If PvP was fun, the number of players participating would increase over time.

We can infer pvp is not fun.


When Classic servers entered Phase 2 and honor became a thing, most PvP servers became unplayable for the minority faction. We heard lots of chest-beating about how much better they were than the players they ambushed on the way to their raid. Do you accept personal responsibility for the fact that most of those players either quit or transferred to a server that was playable for them?


The number is players playing the game overall has been decreasing. So how would pvp players increase? Just because you don’t find it fun, doesn’t mean others don’t. Do people tell you what you should enjoy or not enjoy? There is still a good and active pvp community in the game.

When were battlegrounds, arenas, and Solo Shuffle all removed from the game?


I feel “death” is a little dramatic. It’s not hard to participate in PVP content, whether it be in Warmode, Arenas, or Random Battlegrounds. It’s not that difficult to find someone to kill in this game. You want to know what dead PVP is like? Try FFXIV. Granted I love the game’s PVE, PVP in that scene is absolutely dead for the most part.

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You’d be surprised. There’s a small but very active pvp community for Crystalline Conflict specifically

Frontlines is just people afking their way through roulettes

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What happens when that one server becomes Horde, or alliance top heavy, lopsided etc? Server would be a ghost town after a few months of one-sided faction domination. Before warmode how many servers were actually balanced faction wise? Maybe 3 or 4 at most. They could bring pvp servers back though, and maybe let the folks who don’t want to be on constantly flagged for pvp have one time free transfers I guess, but doubt blizz would do that tbh.


Are you suggesting that the implementation of factions and faction specific questing during beta, the original PvP system during vanilla, and then the further patches for battle grounds during vanilla were all side hustles? If so that’s kind of a big insult to the vanilla team, TBH.


Premades killed it for me. World PvP is a side game. No one wants to be ganked in wpvp when they don’t feel like pvping.


if they limit it to 1 pvp server, I think it would be more likely to maintain balance. Not to mention they are testing faction balance on SoD and its working so far. Whose to say that cant do that in retail?

Stay in a normal server that uses war mode. I dont think anyone is asking war mode to go away. Just a different type of server for people who dont mind dying in world pvp. If your fear of dying or getting killed by a higher level isnt for you, just stay away.

That isnt it. Warmode was born because pvp servers were a failure and not sustainable. I dont care to hear your arguments to the contrary, as no business with a focus on making money removes a successful product that the government hasnt stepped in to shut down.
Mmorpg pvp never works well in a game not designed to support it from its foundation. Examples being restricting level / power gaps between combatants, regular balancing of power and regulating the size of participating groups. WoW does none of these with the exception of regulating the size of participating groups (but in instance content only). This resulted in pvp servers being completely lopsided as players migrate to the winning side so they dont have to worry about being outnumbered anymore. Warmode solves this problem by regulating how many alliance / horde can be in a layer in the open world.
No, what killed pvp servers and pvp in general, were / are the pvp players themselves. They cannibalize their own playerbase by spawn camping, killing npcs in extremely low level zones, ect TLDR by being toxic, horrible internet gamers that very few people want to waste their precious free time dealing with when they can get a more agreeable pvp fix in instanced content.


This isn’t true in the slightest.
PVP servers only died due to Blizzard not taking any action regarding faction balance around the MoP era. That is it.
They were entirely successful up until that point, which was like 12 years.


I literally stated that faction balance was part of the problem.

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They solved faction balance in SoD, pvp servers are balanced.

You couldn’t pay me enough to PvP in any way shape or form. So no. Not every PvE player.


I love this game too but i dont love pvp