The Death of Retail PVP

I honestly believe the one thing that really caused the death of Retail WoW PVP is the loss of PvP servers along with the creation of Warmode. Warmode was great when there was a big push for Horde vs Alliance and player vs player being the general idea of the game, but now we all know its cute friendship and holding hands. Which is not a bad thing in moderation. I love seeing the growth of our favorite lore characters, but the general push away from the PVP aspect of WoW is quite depressing.

If blizzard were to create “Private” Servers on retail wow, for example (PVP, RP, Normal, RPVP) Maybe just a few of them. Those individual servers would fill up in a heartbeat. Not for the desire to escape war mode system by any means, but for the desire to be part of your own community.

Now I know what you all are thinking, “just go play classic…” I hear that all the time. I put all my time and effort and love into retail for the past 18 years. It may be just my opinion but I want the RETAIL version of the game to grow, not the old one. So i sit here with my copium watching all these cool new PVP elements being added to SOD,- Ashenvale, Stranglthorn, and more to come. I’m just here thinking, why cant we get events like that in Retail?

Hell Even if you were to implement a Rare Mount from Warmode Air Drop Chest or Bounty Satchel, you would have every PvE player turn on Warmode just for a chance to loot it.

There’s no carrots on retail anymore, just pure stick. Trust me I love a good stick, I do casual pvp for a living and still have a blast, but there’s nothing to fight for anymore. Even the most casual games when not participating in ranked or hardcore activaties have some kind of rewards, but there hasn’t been anything new added in the past 5 years for warmode.

I love this game I can make anything fun with all the activites there is to do, but its so easy to improve. -


They basically killed it, to appease PvE players that rolled on the wrong server lol.

Battleground Blitz is/was fun, just came waaay too late.


Love your content man, also ABOLISH WARMODE BRING BSCK PVP SERVER or even just 1 pvp server


I dont PvP because I dont like getting roflstomped. Tried it on my rogue this season, couldnt kill anyone or help at all. Sure, it might be ‘fast’ to get the gear I need, but I do not want to subject myself to the infuriating matches that I need to do to obtain that gear.


What caused the death of retail pvp was people not wanting to do pvp


Hmm? The literal only real issue right now is that people realized it’s easier to wait until mid-late or late season to actually push for rated rewards. Also less than ideal frequency of tuning passes.

PVP has more carrots than keys and raids.


The death of retail pvp… oh wait… how is it dead?


I don’t think PvP is dead at least not for me arena sucks but it has always sucked so once BG Blitz is ranked I’ll be spamming that.


Pvp servers were trash so many of them become one sided. I don’t get why people say pvp is dead .theres tons of people doing bgs and arena. Oh wait you meant you cant go gank noobs with your friends.


Yeah, people who miss pvp servers were usually the 90% faction majority.


People still cling to this idea. PvP has always been a side hustle for WoW.

People want PvP servers because they don’t like there being a chance of an even fight. They prefer outrageous server imbalances and boot stomping their way through the other faction.


I think the whole idea of world pvp on retail is a pure scam.
The current warmode is a deceptive scam of playerbase.
No mandatory quests with borrowed power and warmode bonus.
No minor relevant benefits at all.
Players are forced to DISABLE warmode in order to join world boss world quest (it can not be stolen), to participate in world events (e.g,. research in zaralek cavern), in order to do world quests in tiny areas (elite location in zaralek caverns), in order to join a raid and grind rare mobs.

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I remember when classic launched a few years ago and levelling with a group of friends. Around level 35ish i think, we hit Southshore. Funny thing is, a lot of the horde hit that zone around the same time, and the constant battles between Horde and Alliance was glorious. If anyone played around that time, they could tell you how large the battles were and about how it was a constant back and forth. Man, I even remember seeing a few level sweaty level 60s out there, and looking up at them like I was a common unit and they were the legendary units in an RTS or something haha. It’s a gaming experience I will never forget.

People are weirdly aggressive and like to talk about how the only reason people play on those servers is because they want to gank lowbies, but I love moments like the ones I just mentioned. I remember getting ganked all the time while levelling in classic, and usually I’d just call upon my guild or local chat, and, before you know it, there’s a small militia formed to fight back. We simply don’t get interaction like that in Warmode anymore.

And if you wanna talk about faction imbalance, then SoD had a system in which, if you tried to create a character on a server with too many of the same faction, it’d limit characters of that faction until it was balanced.

I think something like a PvP server would have its place in retail. If people don’t like it, then they don’t have to play on it. I also like what the OP mentioned about the open world pvp events like in SoD. Those could be fun.


Who would have guessed cutting off a piece of the game would cause it to shrivel up and die?

On yeah. Me. I said that.

You want to breathe new life into PvP? Have it give relevant rewards.


My personal issue is that with pure PvP server is there being no chill. You can’t really world RP unless it’s in a dead corner. You can’t have a chill night of questing. And leveling in the modern era is just people looking for easy targets.

I love the epic battles and such, I play in Warmode near 24/7, but having the option to set the flag down is nice to have without uprooting and managing two server groups.


Heh. No.


I’ve been saying this for months, war mode is not the same as a real pvp server and never will be. War mode it slowly killing world pvp and it’s sad to see for people who enjoy it.

But after months of trying to get people to see that, I’ve started to give up on the idea and accept that the game I’ve enjoyed for so many years may be going in the wrong direction.

Not true. Tons of people still pvp. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean that others don’t like it.


World RP would probably be an issue, but I don’t think people would be rping on these servers - they come here to pvp. I also disagree about the chill night of questing. Even in Classic where people level slower and therefore inhabit lower level zones more, I’ve found myself able to quest just fine. Are there moments where I can’t quest in a zone because there are gankers? Yes, but like I mentioned, that creates more content because I can fight them off and/or call upon others to help out. One of the strengths of classic is that little stuff like that makes the world more interactive. It’s not for everyone, but that’s why it’d be a separate server.

That combined with the Ashenvale and Stranglethorn-like pvp events would make the world feel alive on that server.

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OP never played on a pvp sever in their life

I was on mal’ganis during wrath, as alliance

I know how bad pvp servers were lmao