The Colossal Failure of Locking Servers

We can not because there is a 3 month cooldown after transfering a toon. Plus sulfuras is a locked server now too. We would not have left if we knew they where gonig to open up the server to have 40k tranfers to in in a few days. We started transfering to Whitemaine on pre-patch day, they then locked whitemane the next day and half did not make it over, After a few days a huge que started Faralina and others servers. they then opened Sulfras to free transfers from pther locked servers. Sulfruas was practically dead before they opened up the free transfers, and it now has a que.

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We’re you not aware of this before transferring?

Shame. Not too late to level a toon before wrath!

Look, I get that Blizzard isn’t run by the most competent people, but I’m sure they knew threads like these were coming. That’s probably why they didn’t want to do this. But this is what we asked for. We wanted them to be heavy handed in managing servers. This is what that looks like. If you start making exceptions for guild A, then you have to make them for guild B, C, D, etc.

I was more saying that I feel like the no warning was intentional, not out of incompetence. Warning ahead of time would of caused a surge of players to transfer, making the situation they are trying to fix worse.

I know it has had consequences as a result but they are working with imperfect solutions. At least you can say, at least right now, they are trying even if results are unsatisfactory.

Yes we knew there was a cool down on transfering toons, what we did not know they where going to lock the whitemaine server before we could all transfer, nor did we know there was going to be a influx of 40k transfers several days after locking whitemaine because they opend Sulfuras to recieve free transfers.

Our guilds raiders is in almost full BiS gear and leveled professions for WOTLK. Several people have 50k+ in gold saved. To have these people leave there BiS geared toons and start all over is crazy. Most of the people that are left will likely just quit playing the game before they think of doing that. They also have jobs and what not, to level and gear a toon with proffesions would take longer than a week.

At this point most of us would pay just to get us all on the same server but half of us have the 3 month CD.

Its also funny considering how before the queues they said that server communities were to big to have meaningful social interactions and as soon as they are forced to transfer all of a sudden its “I cant because I don’t want to leave my social network” typical entitled modern mmo player. They want it all.

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Yeah it had nothing to due with generating revenue from $25 non-refundable transfer costs per character.


My sincere sympathies to everyone suffering the consequences of Blizzard’s decision making.

He stated that it was within a 24 hour window. Are you expecting the guild to all log in and do a countdown and xfer at exactly the same moment?

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My ex-guild did the same, they were hasty to take transfer on prepatch from our medium server to megaserver and now they are unhappy there because of queues and lag and they would like to go back.
In the meantime, our server gone from medium to full without lag and queues during prepatch.
Those of us who didnt want to transfer were telling them it is too soon, lets wait for launch. Coming launch, it will be even worse for those who left.

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1.) You decided to move to a horribly unbalanced high population Horde PVP realm after much discussion
2.) Decided to move right when around pre-patch time when a majority of players would come back to try it.
3.) Moved haphazardly and not all at the same time.

It sounds like you guys messed up just as bad as Blizzard…

I’d imagine Whitemane is locked due to the horrible imbalance that returning Alliance players have to face on it along with its population. I’d imagine that unplayable situation for them are causing quite a few complaints and immediate cancelations also. I know I had complaints and a ticket in on their incompetence allowing that imbalance to happen on Whitemane.

I’d imagine they’re going to do something drastic to these High pop imbalanced servers and hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

Simply due to the fact that these servers were locked on a Tuesday/Wednesday and most normal people get paid on Thursdays and Fridays, and when you have over $100 worth of toons to transfer some players can’t just cough that up.
I think the one thing everyone here can agree with is that the company we are paying a premium too every month has little to no communication with their player base.

The worst part of all of this is that if they just made xfers between servers free temporarily during prepatch and the first couple weeks of launch, it would probably fix all issues.

Most people dont want to sit in queue
friend groups can reorganize
people who were punished by blizzard not locking ages ago get to go play with friends
the works.

But blizz wants their 25. god forbid they let their database triggers run for free.


I can only hope that blizzard listen to the players paying for their jobs, instead of arbitrarily making a decision and refusing to sway from it.

its more with no announcements just locking them. And to do it 24 hours after pre patch when a lot of guilds were waiting for pre patch to move. Half our guildies wanted to see if blizzard would do something about sulfuras dying before we moved. They didnt before pre patch so we started transferring. Now my guild is split between the 2 server and now sulfuras has long queues times so even trying to get a refund and going back isnt an option. Yet whitemane still doesnt have queue times or free transfers off so it really didnt make sense that whitemane is locked like the others. I mean they should of annouced a week ahead they would offer free transfers off major servers and if that didnt work they would lock the servers. Not just shut them down in the middle of people transferring

I agree with more communication. In the end, there would always be more people who waited just a little too long to transfer and missed the window. It wouldn’t have changed the current situation much but a little more communication would always be nice.

How could they po$$ibly offer thi$ valuable tran$fer $ervice for free?! The experience i$ $o much better when you have to carefully coordinate by a$$e$$ing the time and $tate of the $erver you’re joining and $peculating about whether it will be locked before friend$ can al$o join, then having to try to anticipate whether the $erver will open or if you $hould try to tran$fer $omwhere el$e. $urely thi$ i$ a technical problem with no ea$y $olution


I dont like how theyre doing servers at all, but idk what the hell else they could do. I mean, i guess not deleting a dozen servers right before the biggest xpac ever would have helped, but other than that idk.

They could have addressed the issues months ago while TBC was still going on, and not let the mega servers take up nearly as much of the population as they did. A lot of smaller servers died because people kept transferring to the mega servers to have an active playerbase, and those servers got way too huge.

They waited until pre-patch with no warning and bam.

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