The caster experience in DF so far is BAD!

It is. Just warrior mains on this forum say it’s fine and a learn to pay issue, LMAO, it’s terrible.

We forgive you.

The caster experience is legitimately miserable. I watched a high rated arcane mage (my spec of choice) and the gameplay at that level is pillar humping and ring of fire shenanigans, that’s it. Even an expert can’t find a moment to cast a spell.

Y’all need lives.

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How many times you gonna tell me that

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But, mages are super popular in arena. Take a look…

15 Arcane Mages
239 Frost Mages
0 (lol) Fire Mages

Compare that to the number of warriors and rets being played. :wink:

Small fight dynamics skew heavily towards melee, atm, because of warriors and rets. It’s really hard to argue against this graphic.

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Even if the ret is using JOTP in this situation (easy enough to swap out since it is a pvp talent), they can choose to not focus the warlock since it only removes the debuffs applied by the target hit.

That said, the vast majority of warlocks in arena are demonology anyway.

134 affliction warlock games compared to 7307 ret paladin games.

Never change, Tidepodz.

Im not tidepodz?


Where is that warrior main who says, mage is fine and easy and OP. LMAO

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Lol you go boy. Chaos bolts hasnt been scary for quite some time now. Besides destro kill build current is not even off casting anymore.

And as if players making misplays you should get reward tgen. As in you keep using your interrupt and missing it thats a them fault, this isnt a is my fault as a caster they keep failing to use their interrpt correctly. Otherwise precog wouldnt go off.

The thread was about the caster experience. Nothing said strictly bg’s.
And 3’s translate to bg’s very often. It’s why they try to balance pvp around 3’s. They can’t balance classes around bg’s or 2’s.

So no, it has nothing to do with bg’s. It’s about class balance. And 3’s are relevant to class balance.

I get rets are scared right now that their easy times will end but it will be ok. You can roll the next fotm.

Nothing but childish insults haha

This coming from the guy who was raging in his own thread and when called out he could only respond with “no u” :clown_face:

you can make stuff up all you want doesn’t change reality :wink:

Only a bad ret would lose to an aff lol


It’s been a while.

Everything ok?

Your 100 percent on the representation, sometimes its not because the class is op, i used my frost pvp geared mage vs a ret and i got owned badly, i only ever run away to escape and fly away. Frost mages just require to much procs and casting the frost bolts only do like 5 percent damage on a pvp target on crit.

Frost may be good for slows and cc in bgs, but the damage is very bad. There is a reason in bgs its basically 70 percent of the dps are melee. Melee are just easier to play and attacks are instant, with casters you see the player casting a spell you can prepare with cds. Its one reaosn folks love hunters there easy to play and pvp rotations are easy because they can’t be silenced and their a ranged dps class. Hunters have alot of utility and abilites but you don’t need to really use them all to effective in pvp, your basically using 10 abilties, mena while other classes and specs like locks require to much ramp up time with shards and rely on procs etc, which may work in pve but in pvp.

On my hunter i don’t need to wait to get no shard, as long as i have focus energy and the cd is up i can attack, and most of my sills i can use while on the move. If all the other classes and specs were as easy to play as hunter and be effective in pvp folks would play them.

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Entering combat as a caster is interesting. I have to evaluate how many opponents are in the area and juke/cc each of them before I can even BEGIN to attack.

Otherwise it’s instant interrupt gg.

I wish I could run in with attacks flying like melee or hunters are able to.


You can if you play frost or fire. Arcane requires set up.

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People usually talk about the balance with pve x pvp, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the game seems to be revolving more around arena pvp and BGs feels like the afterthought, and that is really evident as a caster in bgs. The role ends up being a sea of frustration to play unless your team mates are really good (gamble, for random bgs) or you don’t end up solo against a premade, which impacts casters (and healers) much more than the others.

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