The Burning Crusade is Coming to WoW Classic!

LOL!!! You made me laugh!! Made my day!! I’m not really sure why they are…

Good bye so long

Roll a Dranei or Belf then

That would be awesome I still have my cards would love to see the qq cause I have a picnic basket.

Not available for Belfs and Dranei

Bye Felicia

Look like the test realm is not open yet

I just had to reply to this, because I had massive nostalgia tonight when I saw they will be asking for beta testers for Burning Crusade. I have very fond memories of beta testing the original Burning Crusade, and I still have the deluxe Burning Crusade expansion box in my office.

You can never go back, but very fond memories…


why worry about what others do? Playing or not it’s your choice, boosted characters in many occasions go through a learning curve, and you will be probably better anyway, but since you worry too much what others do, you are no good fit for TBC

Kaivax get me hooked up in the beta bro. I will accurately test every soloable quest… I’ll stream it too if you guys want me to. I have a good set up and I’ll use the questing gear to test instead of face rolling the content in my raid gear. Except my neths tear I am using that till it starts to scale poorly. Come on bro think about it…

Boost doesn’t matter Classic been out for awhile 90 percent of folks have a 60 anyway. Get over it.

Should I play my SP or Fire Mage? :fire: So pumped this is the best content ever released!!! :clap:I can not wait!


The paid boost is probably a bad call but that doesn’t mean you have to not play!

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I think the biggest issue people have is the idea that someone can come in and pay to skip 1-58 despite before tbc launching that wasn’t an option. Thus the people who leveled all the way to60 in classic feel cheated that now there will be a boost and they basically wasted there time lvling since now most people will pay to skip it. Also this is gonna cause a huge botting issue, being able to just create a 58 send him to brd and farm, I personally don’t care if people buy the boost, blizzard put it in and have changed many’s opinions on bc but at the end of the day play what you enjoy

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The boost only applies to the TBC expac on pre-patch. Each player gets an option to either stay in classic era or move on to TBC. The TBC option has the “one” time boost per account. I am not entirely sure of your argument regarding the subject of a boost.

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I guess the question is why did you grind? Did you you it to better your character or to be better than the other players I.E. the self serving ego trip. If you like to grind you should be thrilled you got to grind. some people don’t like the grind.

C’mon give us a PREPATCH and release dates you increased beta to 68 already which means you should have enough data to atleast give PREPATCH date… instead of giving streamers with 3 viewers tbc beta access and not seeming to have a competent classic feral druid streamer with access to beta

My guess is that we have at least a few more weeks before the prepatch hits.

I’m super excited for TBC Classic. Can’t wait to play shaman heals

Looks super fun!