The Burning Crusade is Coming to WoW Classic!

why are we complaining about how many max level characters someone has? I mean really… can we explain


Orc rogue is coming for you kaivix you cant hide from orc rogue stabbing you

I’m guessing because the boost allows them to have another character to farm mats? Otherwise no clue.

Cry me a river snowflake

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poggers, getting tired of naxx anyway

Can we get that pre patch up so I can reroll and play the toon i always wanted to be.


you’ll be back

WoW and MSG

both are assured.

Im curious to see what Bc felt like never got to try it out.

Anyone have an idea when the release date wil launch? I seen that it said ‘‘coming soon’’ so im guessing it might be 1-3months?

Also neat about the clone toon… so im guessing you can keep your classic toon and use that one as your new TBC toon?


gimme race change


Paid boost is a great idea so we can bring in a shaman/pally right away.

Not for Alliance Shamans or Horde Paladins just fyi.

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Anyone know if Blizz is going to put the tcg vendors in TBC? and if so can we use used codes?

and really it is only 1 per account so its not even really going to be that big like i know im going to boost my warrior since i got a mage to 60 and have been focusing on dps and for tbc i want to tank :smiley:

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the boost is a one time thing and is just for the people that don’t want to level trough vanilla it want change your gameplay. It just helps the people that ether don’t have the time to level or just don’t want to.

ok nerd lol

I will admit I am trembling in excitement at the thought of fighting Kael’thas and seeing if he truly was unkillable. However, the paid level boost is a massive turn off so much so that I almost don’t want to play. Already there are massive concerns with the majority of the player base being crammed into only a handful of zones, already there are massive botting problems that will only worsen if they can just skip leveling and go right to farming. I came to classic for the level grind, for the difficulty, and for the fairness. Classic then didn’t have these transactions then and it shouldn’t now. Everything I have I fought tooth and bloody nail for. How is level boosting fair to those that already did the grind? How is it fair to those that can can barley afford a wow subscription as is? And how is it fair to those that use it since they will never have the same attachment to the game and character they have? Make the game harder with pre nerfs, add quality of life such as textures and perhaps the barber shop early, add new difficulty settings for raids. But don’t take the experience away by adding something that lets people skip content.

It is a one time boost per account. No professions and minimal gear. It is only for those who choose to move onto TBC Classic and want to level with friends. This does not destroy the game. The boost is happening so please move on. If you don’t want to play because of a boost option then don’t play.


I was so excited to hear that BC is coming. When will we get a release date?

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I agree!!!