The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Season 1 has begun!

The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Season 1 has begun!

The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Season 1 is here, and the Circle of Blood, Ring of Trials and Ruins of Lordaeron are ready to host all contenders.

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That’s exciting! For TBCC players anyway! :no_mouth:


I’ve never been a fan of arena seasons and their FOMO.

Why would I want to get kited in Tbc ?

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Hey Blizz how about posting stuff like this in the classic forums where people over there actually care and giving us information about retail in the retail general forum


K… how about 9.1 plz…


This is hilarious. Managed decline. Violating their own forum.


Dang salty retail players. Look TBC arena was just better… now can we get those DR tables fixed, and HK rates corrected?? Otherwise it’s not really TBC arena lol.



Just pointing out to Blizzard, the people who own these forums, that the classic forums are thataway :arrow_forward:


Ya but what about 9.1 and my $15 a month being wasted on no content???


Funny that they are advertising arenas.

TBC honor is messed up.

BG queues for horde are 30-60minutes.

We can’t even gear up as horde… and they are completely silent on the issue.


That’s nice - when is 9.1?

isn’t this supposed to be posted in classic forums? We want 9.1 news not classic tbc pvp announcements…

That’s what happens when horde are 70% + of the community and not many alliance wanna pvp.


I mean why would anyone ever play retail again when TBC is out anyways? This IS a core part of the WoW experience… even if you prefer to use it as a “WOTLK waiting room”. Between TBC and Wrath it’s unlikely Blizzard will ever outdo that quality of class design and (mostly) cohesive vision.


No they aren’t.

Absolutely! TBC is really the end all of WoW with WotLK being a very very close 2nd with better cinematography and overall story. TBC has the game stuff all locked down.

I feel like the season 1 started WAY too early.
It’s been like 2 weeks since TBC came out and most of people aren’t level 70 yet (For those who has kids/girlfriend and a job).
PVP honor has been one of the most spicy topic and Blizzard haven’t done nothing to fix the problem.

They could of waited another full month before releasing the Season 1.

I am a huge fan of PVP but as of right now i am lvl 67 and got like 7k honor and can’t afford buying gear when i’ll hit 70. IT will take me about a 1 months or 2 to be able to be fully gear.


agreed, at the moment there’s a massive gear disparity and people are going to take advantage of that and push->sit rating.


HEy… 9.1…the main reason TBC is anything right now is people desperate for 9.1…stop releasing OLD content and stop blaming, sorry, USING covid for your lazy excuse. Do your job and release 9.1… not this garbage.

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Tfw these posts confuse me. Did they post this on the wrong forum and got moved? lol