The bots are killing wow classic

Come on Blizzard, the maps right now are filled with just bots and multiboxers, in my server (Thunderfury) if you go to Blasted Lands you’ll find a couple of this Bots, and thing gets worse as all of this bots have a lvl 60 + raid gear defender to come if the bots are killed. Also, they have character from the same faction as you do. This is killing WOW classic for me and my friends. I’ve reported the Bots but its useless, they are still in the same zone after 3-5 days. almost reaching lvl 60. Please do something or it’ll be impossible to keep playing the game.


If they were bots, they would already be 60, having been quickly boosted. Sounds like people were busy farming on alts.

Do you play the game? or are you just defending because you have bots or use multibox programs? Because it’s very simple to check the facts, start by taking a look at Blasted Lands, the most desirable place for bots, then you go to Tanaris, also a nice place where they stay 24/7 there. I really don’t know a human being that stays for that long without a break, also the actions are always the same:

Find Target
Run to target
Attack and kill
Sit to drink

Start again


Keep reporting. I know it doesn’t seem like they are actually banning those accounts but they are. I’ve been averaging a in game mail from blizzard every day thanking for the report and haven’t seen the bots I’ve reported since.

Mind you I only report the L59/60 bots.

If I were blizzard myself I’d let them level up before banning, might at well let them waste their time and collect the money they paid for the sub. That being said, botters/gold farmers make a lot of money so they will always find a way.


Unless you are on 24/7, how do you know they are on 24/7?

Now, they may be farming for some RMT, making WoW their job, but that is different from botting.

As for this:

That describes pretty much anyone doing farming in the open world. When I’m farming Felcloth in Azshara or Scourgestones in Eastern Plaguelands, That pretty much describes what I’m doing for a couple hours or more, again and again, stopping only when I need to clear bags, or when I reach my goal for the day. Sure, doing that for an 8 hour shift would be boring as hell, but there are definitely worse jobs out there.

Like I said, if they’re spending all their time farming, then there’s likely RMT going on, which is against TOS, but that is different from botting, which has a specific definition by Blizzard’s standards.

I’ve reported hundreds of bots and never got any letter from Blizzard like that.


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There’s currently 5 people in the Blasted Lands on Thunderfury Horde. They all have guilds, none of them have gibberish names and the class breakdown is as follows:

1 level 48 Mage.
1 level 49 Rogue.
1 level 50 Hunter, 1 level 51 Hunter.
1 level 60 Warrior.

If you’re going to claim bots are killing WoW Classic, you might want to find a better example.


I think the bots are actually making classic possible.

Based on how many people don’t want to level, i.e. boosting.
And how many people like GDKP runs.

I would say bots are a perfect fit for this game.

It is the common complaint of “I can’t get to quest mobs, so they must be bots!”

Hey you know what you guys must be right, no bots here. No one buys gold. Those DFT and Tears that go for 40k + were all legitimate. The ban waves announced by activision - made up. All the posts about gold sellers and bots - rubbish.

/10 characters


Activision didn’t announce any ban waves for WoW. I’m a little confused as to why you think the CoD publisher would be announcing ban waves for WoW.

Didn’t say that.

26 Troll Warrior

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Gosh daddy you sure told me; I’ll just go to my room now. No one knows who activision is or their relation ship to wow, and everyone knows Delimicus decides what levels can post on the forums.

Hilarious, thanks for the return to middle school my man. I wonder if that attitude actually has the intended effect on anyone in 2020?

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Would you also believe posts straight up saying that Activision has nothing to do with the development of Blizzard games, or are you arbitrarily choosing which Blue posts to believe?

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Still talking to me about this huh. I concede my dude. You’ve won the thread. You are crowned forum king. I was wrong and you were right. You now hold the 2020 forum cup - congratulations! All hail Delimicus - King of the Internets - He who won the thread! Huzzah!

Oh I know, I’m virtually always right here.


Very good. Just don’t end up on /r/neckbeardthings or we’ll have to take that trophy back.

its hard to describe what the bots are doing in a convincing fashion. if you wish for more support for your case, film the specific occurrence you witnessed in order to prove without a doubt what youre talking about. many players zone out and play in autopilot mode grinding mobs for hours while watching something on their second monitor, so zombie like gameplay isnt necessarily indicative of botting. but obviously programmed movements that you can record and show us are.

I’ve reported 4 different fishing bots which are all hosted under the same account. they all fish stonescale eel in different zones, and I have been killing one of them with infernal whenever I stop by eastern kingdoms, only for them to resume once they get back to their PC 2-8 hours later.

seeing blizzard do nothing about these bots for literal weeks, with how obvious they are, is killing my drive to play at all - even funnier is that they dont even use a different character to undercut me on the AH… they are THAT obvious, and STILL arent banned…

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Look at reddit. Videos of bots literally teleport hacking for weeks in the same spots… They do get video taken it just doesn’t matter.


yeah i never said blizzard would do anything about it. im just trying to help op get the people on his side.